Google to Connect Music Beta with New MP3 Store

In the past year, Google has entered into several new markets and expanded its product offerings with services like Google+ and Google Offers. Five months ago, the billion-dollar company introduced Music Beta, a cloud music service. Up until now, Music Beta had limited capabilities, but according to The New York Times, Google is in negotiations with major record labels to expand the service and also open an MP3 store that would directly compete with Apple and Amazon.

Music Beta allows users to back up their songs on remote servers, which can then be streamed to mobile phones and other devices. The new music store will most likely be connected to the existing cloud service. “According to numerous music executives, Google is eager to open the store in the next several weeks,” reported the Times.

Rumors are circulating that claim Google may launch the store before Apple opens its own cloud music program, iTunes Match, which was unveiled in June and is expected to be operating by the end of October. “But it was unclear whether Google would be able to close the necessary deals with labels and music publishers in time to open a full-service store.” iTunes Match offers the same benefits of its existing cloud services, but also allows users to import music not purchased from iTunes.

Delays with Google’s store have been the result of music companies’ concern over piracy issues. In earlier negotiations for a so-called smart locker service — “a Web storage system that lets people link their digital music collections to a vast central database” — agreements came to a screeching halt over both piracy concerns and financial terms. Google is currently searching for ways to offer a more extensive service while addressing the concerns of labels and publishers.

As Google expands its cloud services to include a music store, we can’t help but be excited to see what else the company comes up with, despite its struggles to please music companies to offer a more comprehensive service to consumers. Blue Interactive Agency uses a wide range of Google Products and other web analytics to help track, analyze and improve clients’ interactive marketing and other online campaigns. For more information about search engine optimization, social media marketing, SEO copywriting and other interactive marketing services, contact Blue today at 954-779-2801.