“Put Down the Camera & Enjoy the Party” with iPhone’s Dot

Kickstarter is helping to bring great projects to life. The online crowd-funding service platform gathers monetary resources from the general public to fund creative projects, like Dot. Developed by New York-based startup Kogeto, Dot is a hardware iPhone attachment that captures panoramic video.

Kogeto founder and CEO Jeff Glasse came up with the idea after building Lucy, an advanced desktop panoramic video camera designed for professional and educational use. Glasse “[wanted] … to put a panoramic capture device in everyone’s hand, and Kickstarter allowed us to do that.” The device started shipping yesterday and will be available for purchase in Apple Stores nationwide starting Nov. 1.

Available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, Dot is a video camera attachment that works with its accompanying Looker app to capture and share 360-degree shots. You can then share your panoramic video – or, “Dotspots” – via Facebook, Twitter, or on Kogeto.com. “This isn’t one of those piecemeal panoramic experiences weaved together via software; this is the real deal,” said Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable, “And it works remarkably [well].” Over 1,000 supporters donated to the prototype project, which received a total pledge of $120,514, $100,514 more than their $20,000 goal.

Dot is compact, lightweight, does not require any batteries or recharging, and will only run you $79. The device is also available in black, red, pink, or green. Glasse said Dot had racked up thousands of advance pre-orders, proving the height of demand for the innovative product.

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