Facebook’s Most Shared Articles in 2011

Sharing on Facebook It’s that time of year again, and we’re not talking about trampling fellow Black Friday shoppers for a toaster, or choosing between a Blue Spruce and a Douglas Fir. Every year in late November/early December, everyone from TIME magazine to VH1 compiles their respective lists of the top news and entertainment stories for the year. At Blue Interactive Agency, we’re a little more interested in the social network’s “Facebook and Media” page, “Most Shared Articles on Facebook in 2011.”

Although most of us find ourselves wondering where the year went come New Year’s, it’s easy to forget many of the major headlines that had water coolers across the nation abuzz for weeks. From the earthquake in Japan to that homeless man with a golden voice, Facebook lists the top 40 most shared articles on the social network for 2011 in the US. Here are some highlights:

The number one most shared article was from the New York Times, and featured satellite photos of Japan before and after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country back in March, along with the subsequent nuclear fallout.

In January, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial that outlined the formula for raising stereotypically successful Asian children. The feature quickly caught fire among parents, even prompting a response in the NYT that also landed a spot in Facebook’s list.

The Huffington Post earned 7 spots on Facebook’s most-shared list of 2011, one of the most interesting being the piece that highlighted the six reasons why you’re not married back in February. The article unsurprisingly sparked a lot of backlash from feminists, and most were surprised to find that the author was a woman.

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned rags-to-riches story? Not many, as proven by the famous homeless man with a “golden voice.” The man, Ted Williams, leveraged his viral fame to secure a house and a full-time job with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rarely will you find a “best of” list that names both Steve Jobs and that baby who couldn’t stop laughing at ripping paper, but we’re fascinated to learn about the stories people love to share. Isn’t that the reason we love Facebook, after all?

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