Google+ Business Profiles Now Available with Google Apps for Business

Google Plus Business Profile Available Although Google+ has finally made business profiles available, they are currently only being offered to those who have Google Apps for Business. The app charges a $5 monthly service fee and you must have a website to buy. Google’s beta offering is intended to work out any bugs prior to opening the service to the public later this month.

If you own or plan to buy Google Apps for Business, setting up a Google+ business profile still requires some fairly technical configuration. Once the app is downloaded, it’s time to contact your IT administrator. Lucky for us, Angela West of PCWorld wrote a great instructional blog to help account administrators set up Google+ through the app. Here’s an expedited version:

  1. Sign in with your new Google Apps account.
  2. On the dashboard, choose the Express option. Click Next.
  3. Verify domain ownership. If you do not manage your own site, send the file to your design house to be uploaded into the root of the Web directory. Copy and paste the information from the verification screen to send as well, and download the required file. After the file is uploaded, click Verify.
  4. Uncheck Gmail on the next screen. Keep Docs and Calendar and keep clicking Next.
  5. On the billing screen, choose Do This Later “unless you really want to give Google money immediately.”
  6. On the next screen, choose your mobile device. After this, continue clicking Do This Later for a speedy setup.

Ta da! You’re done setting up Google Apps. For further instruction on setting up Google+ on your Google Apps account, refer to West’s blog. As Google continues to expand its business offerings, Blue Interactive Agency further develops our business strategy for clients. From brand development and website project management to specification documentation and analysis and design, Blue can create an effective strategy for any company. For more information, call 954-779-2801 today.