Square Introduces Hands-Free Payment with Updated Card Case App

Forget sliced bread, Square Inc. just introduced new technology that will replace it as the benchmark for “cool”. We thought Square Inc.’s electronic card-reading device for the iPhone was pretty amazing (and it still is), but the start-up just released an update to its Card Case app that allows iPhone and iPhone 4S users to pay for items at local retailers completely hands-free.

The latest version of Square’s payment app, allows users to enter their credit card information, a pin for the card, and a picture of themselves for identity verification. Card Case uses “automatic tabs”, which usesthe new  location-based technology of the iPhone iOS5 to detect when a users’ phone is within 100 meters of a participating merchant.

Still a little fuzzy? Here’s a simple explanation – You download Card Case, enter your credit card information and your picture, and opt-in to the “hands-free” payment option. If the Starbuck’s you’re passing on General Highway has registered with a Square application, the app will automatically open a “virtual tab” with the coffee shop. Starbuck’s employees can then see that you are able to use Card Case to pay your bill, and the app will show them your picture to prevent others from using your name. Walk in, order your seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte, tell the check-out clerk your name, and you’re done, no plastic necessary. Card Case will then send you an alert letting you know that you’ve just completed a transaction.

It goes without saying that Square isn’t the only player in the mobile payments space. Companies are using all kinds of technologies to be the number-one name in mobile payments. Google introduced Google Wallet, eBay’s PayPal Mobile is predicted to process over $3 billion in mobile payments this year, and Intuit, VeriFone and even Visa have entered the game.

Currently, Card Case is available only to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users , but is rumored to be updating its Android app to incorporate the new features soon, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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