Schools to Limit Social Media Interactions Between Teachers & Students

Last week, we told you about YouTube for Schools and how social media is making its way into the classroom. This weekend, the New York Times reported that school districts across the country are imposing new, strict guidelines that ban private conversations between teachers and students on cell phones, and on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media in schools can be an incredibly useful tool, but faced with scandals and complaints about teachers who misuse it, officials seem to have no choice but to implement new policies to control the problem. “Some teachers have set poor examples by posting lurid comments or photographs involving sex or alcohol on social media sites. Some have had inappropriate contact with students that blur the teacher-student boundary,” said the New York Times article. “In extreme cases, teachers and coaches have been jailed on sexual abuse and assault charges after having relationships with students that, law enforcement officials say, began with electronic communication.”

However, these strict policies regarding social media in schools are meeting resistance from some teachers due to the increasing importance of technology as a valuable teaching tool that effectively engages students. Since using social media in schools is such a new concept, school districts in many states have attempted to enforce a variety of different policies to monitor and control student-teacher interactions on social sites, but most have been abandoned due to violations of free speech and other constitutional rights.

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