Twitter Launches Site Revamp

Although many a Facebook copycat has entered the social networking scene, the only serious competitor is Twitter. The microblogging site has been responsible for breaking major headlines, from the Hudson River plane crash to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Following logically in Facebook’s footsteps, Twitter launched a significant redesign on Thursday, Dec. 8.

Twitter 2.0 is “simplifying its process for new users while providing a more robust platform for advertisers,” in attempts to broaden its appeal, according to The new design is more user-friendly, making the Twitter experience navigable for both the Twitterati and microblogging newbies. “Twitter should be usable for people who know the shortcuts and also equally usable for those who don’t,” said Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter’s three co-founders and current chairman.

The new home page now features three icons: Home, “@Connect,” and “#Discover.” To appeal to new users, Twitter aims to rebrand their two trademark site functions, the at icon (@) and the hashtag (#). The overall feed is similar to Facebook’s, allowing for greater ease of use. The “@Connect” button is similar to Facebook’s “View Friendship” feature, showing a timeline of how many times a user has been retweeted or mentioned by others. If you’ve signed up for Twitter but didn’t take to it because of the initially blasé timelines and potentially esoteric trending topics, the new #Discover tab may be the one feature that reignites your interest. The tab “[packages] the noise in a meaningful way and [gives] users a portal to find content from the get-go, providing trending stories, community activities, top categories, and suggestions for who to follow and connect with, in a way that feels somewhat familiar to Facebook.”

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