What to Look Forward to in 2012

The Future of Social MediaThe New Year has always been a time to reflect on the past year and more importantly, focus our attention on what we want to create in the New Year. While we all know it is impossible to predict what the new year will bring, but it doesn’t stop us from promising ourselves a more successful, more productive and happier year than the last one.  We at Blue Interactive are going to take a stab at our predications for social media in the coming year.

While user acquisition for top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are reaching a plateau, user engagement is growing at a rapid rate. As new features are implemented and easier to use (thanks to Facebook’s new timeline and Twitter’s new dashboard) the type and amount of information shared is increasing. As social media sites become more engaging the time we spend interacting on these sites are steadily increasing. For example, the average Facebook user is up to seven-and-a-half hours on the site each month.  This is up from four-and-a-half just two years ago. What does this mean for the way people use social media sites? For one, there is a big shift from accessing these sites from a computer to mobile devices. The increased amount of time users spend on social media sites also means bigger and better social tactics for businesses. Ecommerce will continue to grow not only on companies’ individual websites, but inside the frame of social media sites. Furthermore, as analytics continue to advance and advertising gets highly focused to target audiences, social media budgets for businesses will continue to rise.

For the first time since Facebook opened its site in 2004, there is now a meaningful second tier of social networks emerging. It is no longer about competing to become the “next Facebook or Twitter”. Companies have begun to realize the best way to grow their social networks is to integrate with these existing powerhouses. Sites that focus on niche markets like Pinterest and Tumblr are seeing sky-rocket growth through social media sharing on mainstream sites. Other notable services such as Instagram or Spodify are incorporating Facebook and Twitter sharing as users look to customize viewing and listening experiences by enticing friends to follow their lead.

Rest assured, we are not forgetting about Google and Google+ and their huge impact on social media. Look out for our next blog post for the exciting changes the Google team will be bringing to you in 2012.

All in all, 2012 will be a year of increased engagement for social media. If you’re seeking social media marketing services, contact Blue today. Blue offers a complete range of interactive marketing services, including social media marketingsearch engine marketingsearch engine optimization and more. Call 954-779-2801 today to learn more.