Why Your Company Needs to Get on Pinterest ASAP

Your Business Needs a Pinterest Account You may have seen online chatter about Pinterest, the newest social networking site that allows users to bookmark, or “pin”, images and videos they find interesting. Web content is organized into pinboards that fill up the browser screen, allowing users to comment on, “like”, or “repin” each other’s images.

Pinterest now beats Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, and MySpace combined for percentage of total referral traffic, according to a study by Shareholic. Clearly the social bookmarking site is gaining traction and successfully driving traffic for retailers. Brands like Whole Foods, Martha Stewart, and West Elm already have a presence on the social media platform. If your company does not have a Pinterest account, it is time to sign up.

Here are some tips for using Pinterest:

  1. To sign up, go to Pinterest.com and click “Request an Invite.” It will prompt you for your email address to open an account. Just a warning – there may be a waiting list, so sign up as soon as possible!
  2. Once you create your Pinterest account, choose the option to connect it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as your company websites. Then the account widgets will appear in your profile, and you’ll be able to embed pins onto your websites and share them across your social networks.
  3. Just like on Twitter, you can mention members you follow by using “@” in front of their usernames. They will receive a notification when you do.
  4. Sell products by including a “$” in your pin description. Pinterest will automatically create a price banner over your photo and place it in their Gifts category. Remember to include the website where users can purchase!
  5. If you’re looking for a specific niche, go to the Everything tab and search by topic. Topics include Fitness, Food & Drink, Women’s Apparel, Travel, Wedding and more.
  6. The best way to get more viewers is to consistently offer fresh content! Add new pins as often as possible.

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