YouTube and Social TV Provide More Content for the Super Bowl

Acura Super Bowl Commercial with SeinfeldThe most watched television day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday airs February 5 and advertisers are shelling out millions of dollars to broadcast some highly anticipated commercials. Many automobile companies have already leaked their commercials to YouTube. The much talked about Acura commercial with Jerry Seinfeld has gained over 3.7 million views. Acura encourages viewers to comment with the Twitter hashtag #JerrysNSX. Another auto company commercial featuring a celebrity is Honda’s ad paying homage to Matthew Broderick and the 80’s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. With over 5 million hits, Honda tells fans to continue the conversation and tweet to #dayoff. Volkswagen has released a humorous commercial continuing their Star Wars theme with over 10 million views, and the Chevrolet commercial packs in the laughs featuring a bungee jumping car.

In more exciting social media news, for the first time NBC Sports is engaging in YouTube marketing by encouraging fans to vote for their favorite ads online. By previewing commercials, Super Bowl advertisers are able to generate more buzz as well as brand awareness of their participation in the big day.

With “second screens” and multimedia outlets, consumers have more power than ever to choose what they want to watch. Social TV is a phenomenon that lets viewers do just that. Pepsi will enhance the Super Bowl experience with an NFL-themed version of Pepsi Sound Off, the first brand-led social TV platform, which was launched during The X Factor to engage consumers in a real time viewing party. A partnership with social TV network GetGlue will allow users to check-in and unlock exclusive content and free Pepsi.

Super Bowl XLVI 2012And for something to look forward to in the near future, the nation’s largest cable provider, Comcast, is developing a social TV strategy called a “content recommendation system” that rewards subscribers. Viewers are notified when a friend is watching a particular movie or a show, and Comcast subscribers can earn discounts on their cable bill when a program they recommend is viewed by another user. YouTube and social TV are offering more options for consumers to choose just how they wish to digest content.