Facebook Rolls Out Timeline Business Pages

Facebook Introduces Timeline Business PagesFacebook has announced that all business pages will automatically adopt the new timeline design on March 30, 2012. This major redesign not only offers a brand new look to business pages on Facebook, but also includes several new features intended to help you better manage your accounts and gain customer engagement. What new items should you expect to see? Here’s an overview of the changes so you can effectively capitalize on Facebook’s Timeline business pages.

Cover Photos. Just like on Facebook personal pages, business pages will feature a large cover photo on the top of the page. The cover photo is a great opportunity to make a memorable first impression on customers. To prevent images from looking like advertisements, Facebook does not allow cover photos to contain promotional text, contact information, or call to actions.

Views and Apps.  Photos and custom apps will appear at the top of the page,where users can rearrange the order and include up to 12 different icons. Additional views and apps can be found by clicking the drop down arrow.

Activity Log. The activity log is where users manage posts, hide or reveal certain posts, and change post dates. This is located under the “Manage” tab.

Pinned Posts. Now businesses can pin important stories to display prominently on the top of their timelines, where it will stay for 7 days, by simply clicking on the pencil icon. The pinned story will appear on the top left-hand side of the page marked with a flag. This is helpful for a company’s weekly announcements, promotions, and sales. Users may also increase the size of a post by clicking on the star icon. Take advantage of this feature to highlight important stories and photos.

Milestones. Companies can add major milestones to their timeline by clicking on the “Milestone” icon next to the status updates box. A headline, location, date, details, and photo can be shared to highlight a company milestone, such as a store opening.

Admin Panel. An admin panel displays on the top of each timeline, where users can edit content, change settings, check Facebook Insights and see page notifications. If you’d like to hide the admin panel, just click the “Hide” button on the top right corner of the page. Click the “Admin Panel” button for it to reappear again.

Messages. The new messages feature allows fans to privately message a business page, and for the business to respond back in a private message as well. This is pertinent for dealing with sensitive issues with individual customers.

The changes to Facebook business pages improve the overall user experience, making it easier for companies to manage content shared with readers. If you have any questions regarding Facebook marketing, Blue Interactive Agency offers services dealing with corporate social media, brand monitoring, and reputation management to help your company engage consumers. For more information, call 954-779-2801.