“Four Screens to Victory” Helps Campaigns and Businesses Alike

On Wednesday Google launched the “Four Screens to Victory Initiative” aimed at helping political candidates run a successful campaign. The strategy involves taking full advantage of television, PC, mobile, and tablet technology – a method useful for businesses as well.

Google has been working with presidential campaigns for years, and is now ready to share some key learnings and best practices for harnessing the power of the web. Four screen ad campaigns are more effective in driving campaign awareness and engagement. Google breaks down the four steps to victory:

  1. Build your organization. The first step is finding potential supporters. How? Search engine optimization is critical in guiding people to your website. Also, search ads are helpful in that they can be geographically targeted. The fastest way to improve your web page ranking is by launching a pay-per-click campaign with Google Adwords and supplying quality key words and ad copy.
  2. Define the issues. A well-run campaign should engage people whenever they are searching for information. The Google Keyword Tool helps you find new key word ideas so you can lead the conversation wherever people search.
  3. Persuade the electorate. To persuade people, you’ll have to reach them where they are- geographically and across multiple platforms. A recent study by the Journal of Advertising found 40% of people search online for more information after seeing a TV ad. 80% of smartphone users actively use their device while watching TV. This calls for a multi-screen search strategy. The Google Display Network allows you to target content, audiences, and specific websites to reach whatever demographic you’d like – on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  4. Get out the vote. The final and most critical step is the call to action. Online media, especially if it is targeted, is very powerful in getting people to get out and vote. Mobile ads better engage people than direct mail or TV as voters do their final research on the big day. Using mobile-friendly websites or a final push on YouTube can make a big difference.

These tools offered by Google help political candidates, and are very useful for companies to promote their brands as well. For more free SEO tools, visit Blue Interactive Agency for search engine optimization and search engine marketing solutions. Have you used any of these strategies in your business, and how were the results? Let us know in your comments below!