Social Media’s Influence on Super Tuesday

Social Media’s Influence on Super TuesdayThere was much hype this year for the Super Tuesday Republican primaries, particularly because of the influence of social media, which has been more prevalent in the 2012 election than ever before. As GOP candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul battled over 10 states and 419 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, social media networks were abuzz over the debates. Now the results are in – Mashable reports there were over 530,000 social media comments across the web inspired by Super Tuesday.

Rick Santorum led the pack with the most Twitter mentions on Tuesday night, with 40,000 mentions setting the new 2012 election Twitter record. However, the single moment that triggered the most social media commentary was during Mitt Romney’s speech about President Obama “failing” the American people. 79% of comments posted about Super Tuesday were neutral, 11% were positive, and 10% had a negative tone, according to Bluefin Labs, which analyzes social conversations based around televised shows and events.

While the ability of social media to predict election results remains uncertain, social media networks are the optimal place for marketers to target consumers. Zac Moffett, digital director for the Romney campaign, says they are utilizing every Facebook advertising option so they can easily reach a specific city, gender, age group, or interest, such as political party affiliation. Republican candidates are using live streams, photos, and status updates across social media platforms to engage voters and find contributors for their campaign.

There is a certain expectation among US voters for their candidates to be social media savvy, and the same holds true for private businesses. Social media marketing is a powerful tool to engage conversations with members of the community. Blue Interactive Agency offers a range of interactive marketing services in social media, reputation management, and brand monitoring. To find out how we can help you increase your online presence, call us at 954-779-2801.