How To: Gain Customers Using Social Media

Social media marketing is a powerful method to showcase a company’s products or services to new audiences in various places. However, one must be careful not to sell immediately on social media, but focus on building a loyal following that leads to potential customers. By being informative and entertaining, social media is an effective way to connect with buyers. Here are a few ways to build that loyal following that leads to customer acquisition.

  1. Search for what people are talking about on Twitter.

Just because you don’t see hashtags or handles with your company name doesn’t mean people are not tweeting about you. With over 300 million tweets sent out each day, it’s likely people are talking about your company, your competitor, or a similar product or service. Search Twitter or TweetDeck for variations of your brand name to see what you could have missed. Also, search the general term for your product/service, such as “haircut” if you own a salon. See what people are tweeting about will reveal their tastes, likes, and dislikes. If you see someone using your competitor, why not tweet at them to try out your brand? They’ll appreciate the recognition and perhaps you’ll gain a new customer.

  1. Create personal messages.

To build relationships and create loyalty, make consumers feel like they are the only ones being spoken to – no one likes to be mass messaged. For example, if someone tweets you a question, make sure to answer immediately. Go a step farther and Google them to find as much information about them as possible to cater the message specifically to them. Some companies tweet shoutouts on their customer’s birthdays. Also, do not ignore negative feedback. A large part of brand monitoring and reputation management is responding to issues and providing solutions. Even if it is a problem than cannot be immediately fixed, at least the customer receives a personable response – which can make a world of difference.

  1. Invite participation.

Acknowledge your customers and give them a place to shine. For example, ask your customers to vote for their favorite flavor or type of product and provide giveaways. Ask them to upload pictures of themselves using your brand in different settings, and feature a picture of the week. Once you get the ball rolling and invite open participation, it is not as much about incentivizing customers as it is about creating interest that leads to a loyal following.

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