Google’s One-Stop Shop for Nonprofits: What is Google Analytics?

In this blog series, we’ve gone over the Google for Nonprofits suite of free or discounted apps and websites available. Now we’ll discuss what Google Analytics can do to help your nonprofit organization reach its goals.

Google Analytics is a free service that offers measurements tools for your website. It presents a dashboard of tools that allow for creation of real time, customizable and sharable reports. Content analytics will tell you how often people visit each page of your website, how long they stay, and how often they convert. The Google Analytics conversion suite goes beyond page views and visitor counts to track sales, downloads and video plays to help you truly understand visitor behavior. Learn which social media sources refer visitors and whether you gain the most traffic from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +.  If your nonprofit organization has a mobile-friendly website, mobile analytics is available to monitor the performance of apps and tell you where mobile traffic comes from.

Understanding this valuable data will help you to improve your website and increase marketing ROI. You’ll be better able to manage your online advertising dollars as you make smarter bidding and keyword choices on Google Adwords. Google Analytics has proven to be a powerful tool for many companies, such as PBS, which unlocked data and insights to see a 30% increase in visitor traffic. Switching to Google Analytics helped the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art gain new efficiency in performance measurement and realize a 15% gain in traffic accuracy. Using Google Analytics, nonprofits can learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and see how visitors actually interact with their sites.

If you have any questions about setting up Google Analytics, Blue Interactive Agency can help. We are a Florida web design company specializing in search engine marketing and search engine optimization to help companies increase their online visibility. We take a holistic approach when helping companies develop a ROI conversion strategy. Contact us today.