Google’s One-Stop Shop for Nonprofits: What is the YouTube Nonprofit Program?

The YouTube Nonprofit Program allows organizations to apply for designated nonprofit channels to help deliver the message to the world’s largest online video community. Share your organization’s story through videos on YouTube to connect with supporters, volunteers and donors. With over 800 million people on YouTube, it is a powerful place to communicate with your audience in a meaningful way.

Exclusive listing on YouTube’s nonprofits video page will lend more eyes to your organization. YouTube offers nonprofits the advantage of premium branding capabilities and the option of driving funding through a Google Checkout “Donate” button. Nonprofits also have the option to place a Call to Action overlay on videos to raise money or to find volunteers. On World Water Day, nonprofit organization charity:water was able to secure $10,000 in donations from a video posted on YouTube using the Call to Action.

Through YouTube, nonprofits can activate an inexpensive outreach program to build awareness and mobilize supporters. Organizations that hold a current 501(c)(3) status qualify to apply for the YouTube Nonprofit Program. Apply at Google for Nonprofits today. Once you begin production, remember to deliver genuine, compelling content and to supply fresh videos regularly to keep your audience engaged. Here are some good examples of nonprofit video campaigns that have achieved substantial viewership.

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