Google’s One-Stop Shop for Nonprofits: What is Google+ ?

One of the ways nonprofit organizations can promote their cause through interactive media is by joining the Google+ community. Here you can talk to other nonprofits, share best practices for social media marketing and find new donors and volunteers. Follow these steps to create a thriving Google+ Page for your nonprofit organization.

  1. First you will need a Google account and a personal Google+ profile, so open an account and log in. On your Google+ profile, select “Create a page” and fill out the details about your nonprofit including an introduction, contact information and website.
  2. Now you’re ready to post updates for your nonprofit. Be sure to post frequently and to keep your profile fresh so that more people are likely to engage with your organization.
  3. Create different circles for different audience members of your organization. For example, you can grow circles of volunteers, board members and donors. Encourage people to add your nonprofit to their circles so you can in turn add them to your circles.
  4. Start a Hangout on Google+ where people can gather live to discuss topics your organization cares about. Let your followers know when you’ll be hanging out and what topic you will be discussing over video chat.
  5. As with any social media platform, it’s necessary to monitor conversations for reputation management. Your followers will appreciate timely responses to their comments. Even if some of their comments are negative, they can always be steered towards a deeper conversation.
  6. When you’re ready to share your Google+ page with more people, select “Spread the word.” This will allow you to share your page in a post with people from your personal Google+ profile.
  7. Tell everyone including your donors, volunteers and clients about your Google+ page in your newsletters and on your website. Add a Google+ page to your website by grabbing HTML code here.

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