The Best Mobile Apps to Streamline Your Life

Mobile Apps to Streamline Your Life With so many innovative iPhone and Android apps out right now, you can use mobile to help organize every aspect of your life – where you work, where you play and how you communicate with others! We found some of the best mobile apps available today so we can share these useful tools with you.

For productivity:

The Cozi Family Organizer Android app helps you manage the entire family’s schedule in a central location where all members can access. Organize calendars, to-do lists, appointments, meetings and events so you never miss a beat.

Another great app that helps you multi-task is RedLaser (Android), which allows you to compare prices of products from hundreds of thousands of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon and eBay on one platform. Just scan a bar code with your mobile phone to compare prices locally and online.

For traveling to work:

Cut down on your commute to work with the Waze app for Android and iOS. The app automatically reads the GPS location and speed of everyone using Waze, and reports the information to people traveling in the same direction. Get real time updates on accidents, traffic and police traps!

Using Scanner Radio for Android, you can actually listen in on police and public transportation dispatches to find out where the heaviest traffic jams are!

For sharing files:

Path (iOS) provides a digital diary you can share with a limited group of close friends. With appealing photo filters and an attractive user interface, Path draws socially savvy consumers who want to share their lives on a more intimate scale.

Keep an eye out for the Stamped app, available for iOS. It allows users to “stamp” things they love from movies to food, see friends’ stamps and build an archive to refer back to later. Stamped takes the anonymity out of sharing, while keeping things private to a larger network.

For finding restaurants:

Yelp is still the king of restaurant reviews and ratings. The Yelp app, available for all platforms, uses your built-in GPS to find restaurants, salons and other businesses in your area to give you their hours, prices, reviews and other useful information.

OpenTable has just partnered with Yelp to deliver restaurant ratings and information, but also allows customers to make reservations on their smartphones.

We hope these mobile apps will help to streamline the many tasks you balance in your everyday life. Not only do mobile apps benefit consumers, but they promote businesses as well. If you have any questions regarding custom mobile app development, Blue Interactive Agency can help. As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, we understand the importance of developing complete mobile marketing solutions to effectively promote businesses. If you’re a business owner who wants to take advantage of mobile apps, contact us today to see how we can help.