#1 Most Important on Your LinkedIn Profile? Your Picture

Ever wonder what people look at the most on your LinkedIn profile? Many people must have the same question, which prompted TheLadders to conduct a study using an eye tacking technique. In the study, technology was used to examine the eye movements of 30 professional recruiters over a ten week period to record how long each person spent looking at portions of LinkedIn profiles. The findings?

The number one most-looked at item on your LinkedIn profile is your picture, with recruiters spending 19% of their total time on it. Next in line is current job position, followed by education. Much less time is spent on looking at skills, specialties or older work experiences. The interesting findings from this study prove that looks are important when it comes to making a first impression. This goes for businesses owners and company employees as well.

A professional profile picture is vital in establishing your online brand identity. Especially on a professional networking website like LinkedIn, it is crucial to feature a high quality, professional looking photo. Having a professional profile picture can make the difference between gaining more connections and attracting more customers.

As a business owner, put your best face forward on LinkedIn and other social media networking sites. It is well worth the cost of getting professional headshots in order to build your online identity and your brand.

Here are some rules of thumb for your profile picture.

  • Use a solid background, or a portrait with the company logo embedded on the bottom corner.
  • If you work in a sector such as travel, sports, or special events, you may wish to incorporate that into your photo.
  • Last but not least, avoid self-portraits at all costs! Nothing screams unprofessional like a photo taken in the mirror on your camera phone. Have someone else take your picture using a quality camera, and wear clothes that reflect how you would dress in your professional life.

Once you’ve selected your professional picture and completed your LinkedIn profile, you are ready to meet new people and make new contacts. Blue Interactive Agency can help you develop LinkedIn marketing strategies that increase your brand’s visibility and generate sales leads. For any questions regarding social media marketing, call us at 954-779-2801.