Facebook Now Offering Mobile-Only Advertising

Facebook first introduced its Sponsored Stories advertisements in January of 2011. Then in December, the social network announced it would bring Sponsored Stories into the News Feed portion of the Facebook home page. These advertisements are more subtle than ads in the right-hand side desktop in that they show up as “posts from your friends or Pages on Facebook that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight,” says the Facebook website. An example could be a friend’s check-in at a local restaurant, or a Like for a certain brand. This latest evolution in Sponsored Stories is available in five placement options:

  1. All placements. This includes the News Feed desktop, right-hand side desktop and News Feed mobile.
  2. All desktop placements, including right-hand side desktop and News Feed.
  3. News Feed desktop and mobile placements.
  4. News Feed desktop placements only.
  5. News Feed mobile placements only.

The last preference is a unique one for Facebook because it is the first time the social media platform is offering a mobile-only advertising option. This comes at a strategic time for Facebook as the company focuses on its ability to generate revenue through mobile.

“As companies are promoting services more frequently on mobile, this option gives them the opportunity to focus on specific placements that will impact them most directly,” says Facebook in a statement. Sponsored Stories fall in line with the overall concept of Facebook marketing: for companies to use storytelling rather than a direct sell. With tools like Sponsored Stories and mobile-only advertising, companies can develop social media marketing strategies that increase ROI. Does your company plan on investing in Facebook Sponsored Stories for News Feed or mobile placements? Let Blue Interactive Agency know in your comments below!