Five Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing is an effective method to interact with your target audience and showcase products and services. Facebook marketing is especially powerful with its 900 million users constantly commenting, liking and interacting with brands. However, there are common mistakes that companies make on Facebook that may jeopardize their brand name. Here are a few to watch out for.


  1. Businesses are often guilty of leaving out pertinent information on their profile pages. Business hours, addresses, phone numbers, pictures and links to company websites are crucial pieces of information that should never be left out.
  2. Many companies make the mistake of over posting. The average user Likes four to six new pages each month, according to Facebook. This means the average user is bombarded with information coming in from many different companies at any given moment. We cannot stress enough the importance of quality over quantity of Facebook posts. If you post once a day or just a few times per week, make sure the content is engaging and entertaining. In between posts, you can still connect with your audience by monitoring and responding to comments.
  3. Posts that are too long can turn off readers. Facebook has found that posts between 100 and 250 characters long tend to receive 60% more Likes. So similarly to Twitter’s concept, keep posts short and sweet.
  4. Receiving lots of Facebook Likes is great, but getting consumers to comment is better. People who not only Like but comment are most likely to be your brand ambassadors. Try to garner comments by asking open ended questions and posting at ideal times. Engagement rates for Facebook posts are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays, according to research by Buddy Media. Capitalizing on the right day and time can translate to more comments from your customers.
  5. If you’ve ever created a tab using Facebook Markup Language (FBML), it has been terminated and will be completely removed from Facebook by July 5, 2012. Future applications will use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For more directions, see the Facebook Developers page.

There is great value in social media, as Facebook business pages allow companies to create more targeted messages to niche groups. Blue Interactive Agency can build you a custom-designed Facebook page and provide a social media marketing strategy that increases your online visibility. Call is at 954-779-2801 to see how we can help.