Marketing with Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality Technology Brands like H&M, De Beers and Tacori are using augmented reality technology to revolutionize the way they market to consumers. Augmented reality (AR) platforms create an interactive experience for customers; like being able to virtually try on clothes through a device such as their mobile phone or tablet. AR is a relatively new and developing industry, and some apps are leading the way.

GoldRun’s app for iOS and Android allows retail brands to socially connect with customers through a series of innovative campaigns. For example, the app allowed New York Giants fans to virtually try on the Super Bowl XLVI championship ring and share their photos online. GoldRun leverages people’s love for photo sharing and combines augmented reality to create a powerful marketing experience.

AR laboratory Holition has developed technology that creates a futuristic shopping experience for customers, allowing them to virtually try on pieces from luxury jewelers right in front their computers. Holition is taking it one step further by developing technology that will allow customers to smell products and feel fabrics virtually – projected to debut in five to ten years.

Augmented reality is revolutionizing the way the publishing world delivers information through interactive content. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette just launched an augmented reality newspaper through the free app PLUS powered by Aurasma. By downloading the app, users can watch content spring to life overtop the printed page. Watch the demo here of how Aurasma brings an issue of Popular Science magazine to life.

These apps are shaping the way retailers, publishers and all businesses market to their consumers with interactive, engaging content. Can your product or service benefit from the use of augmented reality? If you plan on capitalizing on these AR applications, let Blue Interactive Agency know in your comments below! We are always researching the current trends in mobile marketing solutions to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for our clients.