Two New Features that Improve Facebook Marketing

Features That Improve Facebook Marketing On Thursday Facebook rolled out two new features that drastically improve the way companies market their products and services on the social media platform. For starters, Facebook has finally introduced the capability to schedule postings. While this was previously available by installing third party apps, this much needed option greatly improves the Facebook user experience. Social media marketers everywhere can now click on the clock icon to schedule updates in 15-minutes intervals and up to six months in advance. You can even choose a date in the past, and Facebook will automatically place the posting in the appropriate place on the page’s timeline.

The second valuable function Facebook introduced yesterday is the Admin Roles option. Admins of business pages can now assign five different levels of roles to others, ranging from manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst. Each role has different permissions (see chart on left) so that each user only has access to what they need to do for their job function. For example, a content creator can post status updates while a moderator can only view and respond to comments. An insights analyst does not have publishing capabilities but can view Facebook insights. The five levels of permissions help companies boost their security for improved brand monitoring and reputation management.

Scheduled posts and admin roles allow businesses to better target their audience for effective Facebook marketing.  Blue Interactive Agency develops custom-built Facebook business pages and social media marketing strategies to help businesses increase their online visibility. Call us at 954-799-2801 to establish a corporate social media strategy.