Watch Out for Viddy

The popular iOS app Viddy is being called the “Twitter of video” for its 15-second promotional videos that create new opportunities for brands to engage their audiences. The video sharing app made a big impression at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference earlier this year, debuting videos with custom designed filters. Last month the company secured $30 million in funding to poise the app as the “next big thing.”

With 30 million members already on Viddy, companies are jumping on board with these 15 second videos to offer promo codes, exclusive offers and backstage sneak peeks. Celebrities are using the social media platform to continue the conversation with their fans as well. Britney Spears recently started a Viddy account, sharing videos from backstage on the set of The X Factor. Bill Cosby is very active on the social media platform with 59 recorded videos already under his belt.

The nature of the short clips on Viddy makes it the perfect platform for social media marketing via contests and promotions. Companies can encourage viewers to Like, comment on or upload their own 15 second response to videos. Southwest Airlines developed a social media marketing promotion in which they encouraged their customers to make their own Viddy and share it with the hash tag #SWAVIDDY.

Viddy incorporates elements similar to Instagram by offering different built-in effects for videos such as adding red, 3D or a smoke overlay. The social video app offers companies premium level options with custom filters, effects and skins for branded content.

The top three benefits of Viddy:

  • It is easy to use. Viddy makes it easy to record a 15 second video.
  • It is customizable. There are different effects and music options to choose from to create a unique final product – no video editing experience necessary.
  • It is shareable. Once you create your Viddy, you can instantly share it via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, blog, email or text.

Competing with Viddy are other video sharing apps like SocialCam, which does not place a time limit on video length; Vyclone, which allows users to create online boards; and Cinemagram, offering location-based sharing. Which app will become the next “Instagram of video”? Only time will tell. With social media, Blue Interactive Agency takes an ABT approach: Always Be Testing. We are always testing the latest social media networks to help companies develop effective corporate social media marketing strategies. For any questions on how we can help and how you shouls watch out for viddy! Contact us today!