How to sell products in America

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How to sell products in America

Consumers around the world shop online, but what they’re buying and how they use product reviews and social media to influence their decisions vary widely. Digital and online media have dramatically increased the way consumers can see, touch and buy brands, and have opened up thousands of new opportunities – and risks – for these brands.

Understanding the market and consumer behaviors within a culture or country are key elements for success. According to a 2012 Nielson report, nearly six-in-10 global online consumers (58%) trust messages found on company websites, and half trust consumer-consented email messages. North American consumers report high levels of trust in impartial sources, such as recommendations from friends and family (90%), consumer opinions posted online (68%) and editorial content from newspapers (61%). About half of North American consumers trust consented emails (55%), content on brand websites (52%), television ads (46%), print ads in newspapers and magazines (47%), and radio ads (45%).

A number of companies have successfully leveraged their business in America and abroad. Swedish-based IKEA, for example, has become a big part of the German culture. With 44 stores in Germany, it is IKEA’s biggest market. In 1985 the company entered the American market and failed. Many of its products conflicted with the American lifestyle and the expectations of the consumer base – Americans found the furniture and accessories too small and uncomfortable. Through market research the company learned about the American consumer’s expectations and standards and redesigned their products and wares for the American market. Today, the company has successfully made a lasting impression on American consumers both in-store and online – it’s the second largest market behind Germany – while keeping its conception of low-cost, functional modular furniture with Scandinavian design.

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