The Latest Interactive Marketing Strategies

The Latest Interactive Marketing StrategiesRecently our Social Media Coordinator Danielle Terpko had the chance to attend marketing strategy discussions led by local marketing experts. The discussions were lively and informative, leaving us with some valuable insights that we are eager to share about the latest interactive marketing strategies.


4G Brands

The American Marketing Association of South Florida (AMA) held a ‘4G Brands’ presentation at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale where Victor Sosa and Matias Prieto of BMC Strategic Innovation presented a discussion of 4G branding. The speakers presented an examination of several large brands, including Coca-Cola, Tide, Levi’s and others to impart an understanding of what it means to be a 4-generation (4G) brand. The talk touched on the importance of branding and brand development, playing to consumer emotions, and different approaches that are taken with big and small clients. Their talk presented 4G branding in a clear, easy to understand format, leaving attendees with a vivid understanding of the subject. A distillation of their discussion follows:

4G Branding
Effective brands need to evolve throughout their life cycle, maturing from 1G brands, which focus on product characteristics and brand name, to 4G brands, which put the focus on topics that are highly relevant to consumers. In excessively competitive markets, functional benefits are not sufficiently differentiating, so the most successful brands in these markets succeed by owning topics that are highly relevant to consumers. The progression from 1G to 4G is easy to see when you examine the elements emphasized in the products’ marketing, beginning with a 1G focus on attributes, progressing through functional benefits, emotional benefits, ending with the 4G focus on a brand topic. Playing on consumer emotions is one of the most effective examples of 4G branding, as seen with Coca-Cola, which markets to happiness.

The key information we took away from the event was that playing to consumer emotions can be the best way to get your brand noticed. We loved this example of effective 4G branding offered by the presenters: the Olympics P&G “Thank you, Mom,” commercial. A visceral appeal that tugs on the heartstrings, this commercial plays as a tribute video celebrating Moms and the sacrifices they make for their children, with just brief images of the various Proctor and Gamble products in the final seconds. Does it get you teary, too? View it here and let us know:

The Future of SEO (How to Deal with All Those Google Changes)

FDMA, the Florida Direct Marketing Association, presented ‘The Future of SEO (How to Deal with All Those Google Changes),’ at Paragon Theaters. Joe Laratro of South Florida marketing agency Tandem Interactive and the national digital marketing conference PUBCON presented his annual update of where the SEO and social media landscapes now stand following the latest changes. His discussion was rife with valuable knowledge on the impending changes and the effect they will have on future search and social media strategy.

During his presentation, Mr. Laratro reviewed the current hot topics and trends in search, along with effective ways to incorporate them into a company’s digital strategy. An examination of the milestone changes in the industry followed, with an overview of where search marketing is headed in the next 6 months and tips on how to leverage this information to make a company’s online strategy stand out against competitors. Some of our favorite take-aways from the discussion include:

  • Google Analytics may be on its way out, but in the meantime USE IT!
    As one of the strongest tracking systems currently available, Google Analytics can supply you with a valuable array of data that will allow you to track the success of your marketing campaigns. Use it to track the ROI of your campaign and website strategies, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Posting on LinkedIn is an effective social media marketing strategy
    LinkedIn remains the ideal place for business professionals to build brand equity, find new connections, and network with other professional members. Use LinkedIn to connect with other industry leaders, build up your profile with details of your experience and qualifications, and collect recommendations and endorsements that reflect your expertise.
  • Websites should be mobile-friendly
    Smartphones and tablets are becoming the preferred way of viewing websites, and the trend is certain to continue. While having a mobile-friendly site is of more critical importance for certain clients, every website constructed today should be mobile-friendly!
  • Blogging is a highly effective interactive marketing tool
    Websites need new and intriguing content that will continually generate fresh interest and bring in new visitors, and blogging has proven to be a highly effective way of achieving this. A well-written and interesting blog is one of the most effective internet marketing tools available.
  • The importance of SEO remains undiminished
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the key tool for website owners to get more traffic to their site. The ultimate goal of your website is to bring in leads and generate business for your company, and SEO is the way to achieve it. Be aware that Google is implementing new rules that may affect your site’s ranking and necessitate adjustments to your keywords or an overhaul of your interactive marketing strategy.

The web is forever changing which means as interactive marketers we must always be up to speed with new and improved ways to get your clients name, brand, and image to its customers while keeping up response and leads. As a new member of the marketing associations in South Florida, attending these informative events have been one of the best ways to expand and develop my marketing knowledge to accomplish these skills. Having experts relay over their insightful tips and strategies, as well as meeting and networking with other local marketers is something I recommend to anyone stepping into interactive marketing.

If you would like attend an event click here to see SFIMAFDMA, and AMA’s upcoming event calendars. Blue Interactive will see you there to keep expanding our marketing education and keep up with the ever changing interactive marketing world!