Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management ServicesFor an independent financial advisor or broker, a good reputation is everything. Your success depends on potential and existing clients recognizing you as a trustworthy and responsible source of financial advice. In this digital age, when the majority of individuals use the Internet to research prospects before entering into business relationships, your online reputation has become a matter of paramount importance. A single bad press incident can linger virtually forever, circulated and repeated by a number of outlets. It is irrelevant whether the negative information reported is truthful or false; if it reaches potential clients it can decimate your online reputation and ruin business relationships before they have the chance to develop. If you have become the victim of bad press, it is time to begin using Online Reputation Management Services so you can prevent negative articles from destroying your business.

Replace the Negative with the Positive
The best way to combat an unfavorable online reputation is by building a positive one. While it is impossible to remove or erase all negative mentions of your name on the Internet, it is possible to remove those pejorative passages from your clients’ view by creating new, positive content that pushes any negative articles so far down in search results that they essentially become invisible. Since research has shown that less than 6% of Google users actually click through to look past the first page of search results, you just need to generate enough positive content to push the negative articles to the second page. There are several ways you can generate this positive content, including:

  • Creating an eponymous website
  • Establishing a financial advisor blogging site
  • Authoring guest articles on industry sites
  • Maintaining an active presence on various social media platforms

Take Control of Your Online Identity
Make certain that when prospective clients perform a search for your name online, you are in charge of the information they receive. Claim your name in the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and make regular posts to your account to keep content current. Establish your identity on LinkedIn, build up your profile with details of your experience and qualifications, and collect recommendations and endorsements that reflect your expertise.

Optimize Your Efforts
When it comes to search engine optimization financial advisors cannot afford to disregard the enormous impact it has on determining search result placement. Once you have generated your positive content, make certain it contains trending keywords, appropriately labeled content, and other SEO boosters that can raise your contents’ search engine rankings. By properly applying SEO to your efforts, you should be able to claim the crucial top four places on the first page of your search results.

Keep the Positive Content Coming
Others may have a stake in denigrating your services, such as rival financial advisors, competing financial brokerages, or financial law consultants desperate for clients, and they will work to ensure that negative articles regain top position in your search results. To thwart their efforts and ensure negative results stay out of sight, you will need to generate positive content on a continuing basis.

Proactive online reputation management can be quite time intensive, which is why independent financial advisors are turning to the expert reputation managers at Blue Interactive Agency. Our experts will establish and cultivate a positive online reputation for you using our full arsenal of online reputation management services including effective financial advisor website design, blogging services, SEO management strategies, and more.