10 SEO Tips to Improve Organic Rankings

10 SEO Tips to Improve Organic RankingsOrganic search rankings may be more important to your site than previously realized. An experiment performed earlier this year by social commerce site Groupon revealed that much of the traffic they thought was direct was, in fact, organic search traffic. By de-indexing their site for a few hours and monitoring the effect on their visitor count, Groupon reached the conclusion that a full 60% of their site traffic came from organic searches, and other sites have had similar results. With such a high percentage of traffic hinging on sites’ search engine performance, it is obvious that correctly applied SEO strategies have become more important than ever before. Here are some tips on making the best use of SEO opportunities to raise your site’s organic rankings and get your site noticed. Here are the 10 SEO Tips to Improve Organic Rankings:

  1. Quality Content
    Compelling, high-quality content is still the best SEO strategy to adopt in order to raise your site’s organic ranking. Once you start offering highly relevant content, sites with authority in your field will want to link to your site, creating the high-quality links that will help raise your site’s search engine ranking.
  2. Domain Naming/URLs
    Choose a domain name that is relevant to your site and its content, easy to use and remember, with no unusual symbols or characters that can cause a redirect to another site. Try to use keywords and local signifiers to help boost your site’s search engine ranking, and if you need to use spacers, remember current SEO best practices suggest you use dashes.
  3. Domain Authority
    The best way to grow your page authority – and your domain authority – is by earning links from other well-ranked pages. Make certain all the pages on your site are well optimized, with highly relevant information that contains no duplication of content, with high-quality links from other sites with authority, and Google will reward your efforts.
  4. Consistent Citations
    Make certain that every citation and mention of your business online includes your correct contact information with no deviations, as even minor changes can cause duplicate listings that will damage your site and lower its ranking.
  5. Responsive Website Design
    Mobile devices are becoming the preferred means of browsing the web. Update your site with a responsive website design that will provide an optimal viewing experience across a variety of screen sizes, with easily read text and easy-to-use navigation.
  6. Keyword Strategy
    Keywords still matter, but Google now incorporates conversational search, so it rewards sites that provide the best answers to queries. The most effective SEO strategies now call for the use of short, natural keywords and longer keyword phrases that answer questions in a conversational way.
  7. Maximize Meta Data
    Google looks at the entire page when deciding whether it provides the best and most complete answer to a query, so it is important to use all available opportunities to provide further information. Make sure you properly name files and label all images with carefully chosen titles and alt-text values. Be sure to formulate well-written Meta descriptions; while they will not directly affect your page’s ranking, they will entice visitors into viewing your website.
  8. Multi-Channel Optimizing
    Use well-optimized content that features consistent use (NOT overuse) of keywords across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help build your brand and earn the high-quality links that will raise your search engine ranking.
  9. Maximize Page Performance
    Google will be checking how well your page performs, particularly in mobile applications. Use one of the many free tools available online to check your pages’ performance then slim down any bloat so your site loads quickly in all configurations.
  10. Yearly SEO Site Audit
    Keeping up with SEO best practices can be difficult, as standards change to keep pace with new algorithm adjustments from Google. A yearly SEO site audit, performed by SEO professionals such as the experts at Blue Interactive Agency, will ensure your site stays in compliance, while we use expert SEO strategies to raise your site’s organic ranking while avoiding any penalties from Google.

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