10 Hottest Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

10 Hottest Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2015If online marketing companies have one universal message to end 2014, it is that Content is King. Content marketing really came into its own in 2014, as analytic tools made it clear that relevant, useful content was much more successful at engaging customers, generating leads, and building brands than the overly promotional methods of the past. After hours of combing through articles and watching developing trends, we’ve identified what we think will be the hottest content marketing trends in 2015. Keep an eye on them with us and let’s see what develops in the coming year!

  • Mobile Marketing
    As mobile devices emerge as the most popular way to access the Internet, successful businesses will make the switch to responsive web design as the core of their content marketing framework.
  • Interactive Content
    70% of interviewed marketers plan to increase their content marketing in 2015, which will vastly increase the number of blogs, infographics, and reports competing for attention. Marketers will increasingly stand out by incorporating game dynamics and creating content that uses interactive marketing strategies to engage visitors with quizzes, contests, and surveys, using gated follow-ups to share the results.
  • App-like Tools
    The focus of content marketing will turn from using blogs, papers, and other static content to engage customers. Instead, look for functional, app-like content such as calculators and other tools that provide utility to take center stage.
  • Visual Content
    The incorporation of visual content in all forms – infographics, videos, and photos – will continue to grow as marketers use it to create a richer experience and higher value content.
  • YouTube Usage
    Look for YouTube to come into its own as a prominent content marketing distribution method. As more companies incorporate videos into their content marketing strategies, they will turn their attention to YouTube and try to capitalize on its success at engaging Millennials.
  • Budget Increases
    Companies are discovering that true content marketing requires an investment of both time and money. Repackaging old articles and distributing them was a fast and easy way to create content, but that kind of useless fluff will not get the response companies are looking for. Companies will only succeed if they are willing to invest the needed funds to discover clients’ needs and wants, provide new research, and develop valuable, robust content – and they must be willing to pay to do it.
  • Social Media
    Social media will continue to be an important part of content marketing strategies, as the power of these platforms to engage customers remains undiminished. Look for new social media platforms to emerge and some current favorites to lose their popularity. As to which particular platforms will rise or fall, we’ll just have to wait and see.
  • Tracking Tools
    Definitively measuring the effectiveness of content marketing is proving to be difficult, but as companies devote more of their advertising budget to content marketing, there will be an increased push to develop tracking tools. Expect the emergence of many new tools to track and analyze ROI for content marketing; some will even be effective.
  • Automated Distribution
    As businesses create content marketing programs that rely on distributing that content through multiple social media platforms, social media management programs like Hootsuite that automate content distribution are going to become necessary tools in marketers’ arsenals.
  • Repurposing
    Companies will be seeking ways to repurpose their content, especially in light of the higher required investment needed to produce it. Expect innovative new ways to repurpose without rehashing to emerge, especially with interactive content and tools.

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