10 Search Marketing Trends To Watch For in 2015

10 Search Marketing Trends To Watch For in 2015It’s a truism that search marketing trends are constantly changing, as companies seek out new and innovative ways to get their businesses noticed, and search engines adjust to level the playing field. 2015 promises more changes on the way, with a number of new trends that could have a devastating effect on your company’s marketing efforts unless you make some key shifts in your search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. With contextual and voice searches taking precedence over keyword searches, and mobile overtaking desktop searches, companies are going to have to adapt quickly if they want to stay ahead. To help you prepare a winning marketing strategy, we have identified the top search marketing trends to watch in 2015, along with some tips to turn them to your advantage:

  1. Mobile search will outpace desktop search
    Mobile apps now account for more than half of the time consumers spend online, and mobile searches are rapidly overtaking desktop searches. Companies need to adjust their online marketing strategies, allocating more of their marketing budget to mobile search.
  2. Focus will shift from globalization to personalization
    Research has shown that more than 70% of today’s consumers expect a more personalized experience from the companies they deal with. Successful companies will focus on leveraging consumer data to provide relevant, real-time experiences tailored to the individual rather than a “one size fits all” approach.
  3. Transparency will be an essential marketing tool
    Today’s consumers are looking for authentic experiences with companies they can trust. With the immense amount of information that is available to consumers on the Internet, trying to obfuscate your company’s operations will not succeed; businesses instead need to own their brand and present consumers with a clear, accurate picture of what they have to offer.
  4. Companies will invest more of their marketing budget in paid search
    When recent Google algorithm adjustments combine with the upcoming changes to Facebook and other social media platforms, the chance to get high-ranking organic search results through social media marketing strategies and expert search engine optimization will be severely limited. Companies will need to invest more heavily in paid search if they want to get their business noticed.
  5. Location-based mobile ads will take center stage
    The widespread of use of mobile technology for searches is creating the opportunity for companies to make a big impact with location-based mobile ads. Try a combination of geo-targeted search ads and app install ads for the best results.
  6. Effective real-time marketing campaigns will become the new goal
    Modern consumers have ever shorter-attention spans, conditioned by the immediate feedback of social media and instantaneous search results. Marketing goals will adjust and real-time marketing campaigns, with their short lead times and instant results, will prove most effective at capturing the attention of today’s digital consumers.
  7. Marketers will invest more of their SEM ad funds on Yahoo, Bing
    Recent studies have shown that while Google still leads in click-through rate, Bing-referred traffic actually consists of higher-quality leads who generate more revenue. Marketers need to allocate their ad budget to a variety of search engines rather than funneling it all to Google.
  8. Integrated TV and SEM campaigns will be marketing powerhouses
    Almost half of all viewers now use a second screen while watching TV, and that number will keep growing in 2015. Companies that take the initiative and time their search engine marketing efforts to coordinate with likely TV viewer searches will achieve an amazing ROI on their marketing dollars.
  9. CMOs’ role in corporations will evolve
    An immense amount of customer and corporate data is now concentrating in the hands of CMOs. 2015 will be the time to step forward and use this information to shape the direction of corporate growth as well as your company’s marketing policy
  10. Companies will need to employ coordinated, multiplatform SEM strategies to succeed in 2015
    To get the most return on their marketing efforts in 2015, companies will need to devise comprehensive search engine marketing strategies that incorporate web search, mobile search, and location based ads, placed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to maximize their marketing reach.

Keep a close eye on these search marketing trends in the coming year – with a bit of preparation and some decisive action at the right time, you could ride these trends to your greatest marketing success so far! Talk to the marketing experts at Blue Interactive Agency  for more tips on search marketing strategies and other ways you can maximize your online marketing efforts for 2015.

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