10 Social Media Trends for 2015

10 Social Media Trends for 2015Social media has changed drastically in the past few years. What was once the purview of a few enterprising techies has become a worldwide phenomenon shared by more than a quarter of the world’s population. 72% of all internet users are now active on social media, with the number climbing daily as millions of users flock to platforms like Pinterest and Instagram that did not even exist five years ago. With this enormous upsurge in social media use, social media marketing has moved from an interesting advertising “extra” to become an essential component of every successful business’s marketing strategy. Here are our best predictions for the leading social media trends for 2015, along with suggestions on how you can turn the latest trends into winning marketing strategies that will get your company noticed.

  • High-Quality Content Marketing is a Must
    2014 saw the demand for high-quality content grow; and in the coming year businesses that offer stale, recycled information rather than compelling content that people actually want to read are going to see their brand suffer. Generating unique content that readers will want to share across multiple social media platforms is going to be the strategy that pays off for businesses in 2015.
  • Visual Storytelling Takes Center Stage
    Visual storytelling – using videos, photos, infographics, and other visual media to create narratives that forge an emotional connection to visitors – will be huge in the coming year, becoming more of a collaborative effort as apps and social media platforms make it ever easier for users to share their digital media. The most effective social media marketing campaigns will feature interactive visual narratives that engage visitors and persuade them to join in with their own contributions.
  • Social Media Goes Beyond Mobile-Friendly
    The majority of social media users already access their favorite platforms from mobile devices, and in 2015 the use of social media apps and mobile-optimized sites will be essential for any business that wants meaningful interaction with their customers. Businesses will need to become mobile-centric, employing mobile ads, real-time location-targeted content, and other mobile marketing means to reach their customers.
  • Real-Time Marketing Campaigns Continue
    Real-time marketing campaigns will be launched in record numbers next year, as companies compete to become the biggest trending item of the moment. Marketers should consider carefully whether the business bump they might get with a successful real-time marketing campaign is worth the constant monitoring of media and split-second timing required for maximum relevance.
  • Multi-Channel Promotions Win Big
    In 2014, many companies still thought they could succeed by concentrating their social media marketing efforts on a single platform, such as Facebook. In the coming year, expect to see multi-channel promotions that tie in a variety of social media and web channels. Get the best bang for your buck with comprehensive internet marketing strategies that feature engaging content that you can share and post across the top social media platforms and promote with targeted social ads, mobile ads, emails, and web marketing.
  • Social Media Becomes a Pay to Play Arena
    Social media platforms are becoming increasingly monetized, with the major platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram) either already featuring or scheduled to roll out some form of paid advertising in 2015. Organic social reach is becoming almost completely superseded, and companies are going to have to up their social advertising budgets if they want their social marketing efforts to be effective.
  • Growth of Google+
    Google + is struggling to reach its potential, but its wider benefits are beginning to be recognized. Google+ gives businesses a way to raise brand engagement, and it will continue to grow in popularity during the coming year. Companies should take advantage of its reach, using it to manage citations and ensure they present a cohesive brand, with a uniform presence and consistent information across all outlets.
  • Social Media Data Mining
    Social media platforms deliver a plethora of data that marketers are finally going to start to use. Your customers are handing over this information for free; leverage it to develop targeted social marketing campaigns that are truly effective.
  • Effective Use of Social Media Analytics Tools
    With the rise in advertising dollars spent on social media marketing, companies will put more effort into tracking their ROI. While social media analytic tools currently exist, expect them to become easier to use.
  • Wearable Tech Goes Social
    Even though the launch of Google Glasses has been delayed, the Apple Watch and other forms of wearable tech will enter the mainstream in 2015, and social media platforms are poised to take full advantage. Facebook’s new local-awareness ads will become much more effective, and companies that are ready to launch marketing geo-targeted, real-time social promotions will be the big winners.

2015 promises to be an exciting year for social media marketing. If you would like help refining your company’s social media strategy or other marketing efforts, Blue Interactive Agency is ready to assist you. Our dedicated team will employ cohesive interactive marketing strategies that incorporate social marketing, web marketing, responsive web design, and much more to ensure your company’s success in 2015 – and beyond!

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