Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing TipsIs your company’s Facebook page effectively marketing your business? Facebook pages have become a “marketing must” for companies in recent years, and practically every business now has a presence on the popular social media marketing platform. Simply claiming your page is not going to increase traffic to your website or build your brand recognition, however; to achieve those goals, you are going to have to put some effort into your Facebook marketing campaign. Here are our top Facebook marketing tips to get you started:

  • Make your Facebook page mobile ready
    More than half of the people using Facebook access the social media platform using a mobile device, so a mobile-ready Facebook page is an absolute necessity. Update your business hours, contact information, and location so users can find you on mobile searches; encourage check-ins to raise your profile on “Facebook Nearby”.
  • Create useful, valuable content
    Using Facebook to market your business is more about building your brand than directly promoting your company. Marketers are finding the best results with useful content that engages followers rather than overly promotional content; high quality, visual interesting content is proving most effective at catching users’ attention.
  • Engage your followers
    Running contests solely to collect email addresses and likes is a marketing strategy that is best left in the past; instead, engage your Facebook followers with quizzes, contests, and other interactive marketing strategies that build your brand. Incorporating simple questions and surveys in your Facebook posts will increase interaction, and running contests that encourage followers to post photos using your product or sharing your brand in unique ways or places has proven to be quite effective at engaging fans’ interest.
  • # Hashtag your way to success
    Hashtags are a great way to connect your Facebook and Twitter pages, and can help get specific campaigns noticed. Use them to raise fan awareness, join in conversations that interest your followers, and participate in weekly movements or memes that fit your brand.
  • Schedule your Facebook posts
    Now that the majority of Facebook users have made the switch to mobile, users are less likely to check their Facebook pages during working hours. Studies have shown that the best times to post on Facebook are now 6-8 am and 2-5pm. Instead of interrupting your day to make posts, set time aside to write all the day’s Facebook posts at once, then upload them to a social media scheduling program like Hootsuite, which will post them throughout the day at the times they will have the most impact.
  • Invest in Facebook Ads
    Recent changes to Facebook have reduced the organic reach of Page posts and other social media marketing efforts, so businesses now need to invest in targeted mobile Facebook Ads to get the marketing results they want. Bite the bullet and pay for Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories, carefully targeting your ads by interests (Likes), age, gender, location, etc. Facebook Campaigns will help you monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns so you can refine your efforts.
  • Measure your marketing efforts
    Facebook Insights, a free tool from Facebook, provides valuable information that will help you measure and compare the success of your Facebook marketing campaigns in terms of likes, shares, and link clicks. Put the info to good use tweaking your Facebook campaigns to achieve the widest reach for your marketing efforts.
  • Use your followers’ information
    Facebook provides you with valuable information on your followers; use it to focus your marketing efforts and drive followers to your company’s website. Discover your fans’ interests and use it to create targeted ad campaigns and email mailings, and apply the information to improve your other social media marketing strategies.

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