Google+ Marketing Tips

Google+ Marketing TipsGoogle +  has been one of the most overlooked social media platforms in the past, but as we swing into 2015 it is definitely hitting its stride and emerging as a powerful way for businesses to connect. While Facebook and Twitter are widely regarded as the go-to platforms for building a strong social media presence, Google+ is actually unsurpassed at accomplishing some of the tasks that caused businesses to try social media marketing strategies in the first place; engaging customers, building a solid network of contacts, and expanding their brand’s reach into a variety of areas. When you create network impact on Google+, its reach is not limited to a single platform or even social media as a whole; that impact follows you across Google’s entire family of products, from YouTube to Maps, to Search and beyond, extending your marketing reach well beyond the social media domain and building your brand. To help you make the most of the marketing opportunities that Google+ provides, here are some of our favorite Google+ marketing tips and tricks:

  • Segment your audience and target posts using circles
    If 2014 has taught us anything about social media marketing with Google+, it is that highly relevant and useful content is the best way to build an engaged, interested following. With Circles on Google+, you can categorize your followers into specific interest groups, making it easy to target the content you share with them by focusing on their particular interests.
  • Use Hangouts to deepen engagement
    Google+ Hangouts is a great way to network with your followers. Use this real-time video chat room to build a deeper engagement with your followers in fun ways that fit with your brand, whether that means serious consultations about industry issues, fun time  ice cream socials to blow off steam, or impassioned discussions of lifestyle hobbies that relate to your brand. As a marketing bonus, Hangouts on Air streams your meeting directly to YouTube, where you can use your Hangout as a video marketing tool to attract more engaged followers.
  • Use visually appealing, carefully sized images
    Google+ is extremely photo-friendly, so make the most of the opportunity by including visually appealing images that make your messages pop! Experiment with sizing and cropping to create the tall, thin images that work best with Google+ posts; the payoff in increased interest will make spending those additional minutes well worth the extra effort.
  • Take every opportunity to engage, engage, engage your audience
    When it comes to engagement and Google+, what you get out is directly related to the amount of effort you put in. Take the time to discover exactly what your followers are looking for and use every opportunity to engage with viewers and your community, employing a variety of interactive marketing strategies including quizzes and videos, discussions, Hangouts, photo content, and more – anything you think might connect with your followers. If you take a proactive approach and become an active participant in the Google+ community, you will find your marketing reach expanding far further than you thought possible.
  • Measure your marketing results and adjust your campaign
    There are a number of free programs that allow you to measure the impact of your Google+ marketing efforts. Use the analytics to refine your messages, keeping the strategies that garner the best results. Fine-tuning your message will allow you to boost your engagement, build your brand, and extend your marketing reach to new heights.

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