10 Simple Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

10 Simple Content Marketing Tips for Small BusinessContent marketing has emerged as the most effective way for small businesses to build their brand in 2015. If you’ve been reluctant to put a content marketing plan in place or are looking for ways to supercharge the content marketing strategies you are already using, try these 10 Simple Content Marketing Tips for Small Business to discover just how easy running an effective content marketing campaign can be!

  1. Share your specialized knowledge
    The specialized, niche knowledge you’ve accumulated running your small business is the perfect material for your content marketing efforts. Whether it’s the decorating advice that customers ask you for at your furniture shop or the bargaining skills you’ve developed negotiating housing contracts, the informative tidbits and life hacks you’ve learned as a small business owner are the type of interesting content that engages viewers.
  2. Content marketing material is all around you
    You don’t need to learn how to create small business marketing content; you already do it all day long! Make mental notes as you answer customer questions, explain product or service features, engage in step by step how-to explanations, etc.; jot the notes down when you get a chance and you’ll have your blogs and posts written in no time.
  3. Consider your audience
    The key to writing effective content is making sure the information matters to your audience. Before you create any content, ask yourself if the information is something that your customers would find interesting or useful to know. If the answer is yes, you are on the right track!
  4. Humanize your writing
    You know how to engage customers who come into your business: with easily understood language and expressions, gentle humor, and personalized stories. Adopt a similar tone and style when writing your content and you’ll get a great response.
  5. Use a content creation calendar
    Instead of trying to remember what and when to post on your own, set up a content calendar that outlines exactly what content you have to post each day. It will save you a lot of time in the long run if you include the topics for your blogs and posts on your calendar, so you can just sit and write instead of spending time each day thinking up topics.
  6. Use a social media management program
    If you keep interrupting your day to upload posts and tweets, your small business is going to suffer. Use a free social media management program such as Hootsuite that lets you upload all your social media posts, email messages, and other content at one time, and then posts your content at optimal times throughout the day.
  7. Include keywords and phrases
    You need to include relevant keywords in your writing in order for search engines to get your content marketing seen by your target audience. Include longer, natural sounding keyword phrases that sound like you’re answering questions for the best results on mobile searches.
  8. Choose social platforms that suit your business
    Your business does not have to have a presence on every social media platform, just the ones that your target audience is most likely to use. If you have a b2b small business, your small business content marketing strategies should focus on Linked In and Google+; if you have a restaurant or design business, concentrate on Pinterest and Instagram; and so on.
  9. Respond quickly to customers
    Customers expect a quick response when they communicate with small businesses, whether they post comments, questions, or complaints. Establish a set policy to reply to comments, and appoint a staff member who will check for customer input several times a day and answer appropriately.
  10. Track your efforts
    Use Google Analytics and the data from your social marketing platforms to determine which content marketing platforms and topics are most effective, and adjust your marketing strategies as needed.

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