Choosing an SEO-Copywriter

Choosing an SEO-CopywriterChoosing an SEO copywriter is one of the most important decisions you face when creating a website or implementing your internet marketing campaign. Some of the key factors that search engine algorithms use to determine your website’s ranking are content quality, keyword relevance to copy, and keyword distribution – all of which are the responsibility of your SEO copywriter. Your SEO copywriter will need to create well-written, relevant content that interests readers, promotes your company, and is so engaging it has the power to convert visitors into customers. At the same time, he or she must be able to implement keywords and keyword phrases throughout the content in the optimum frequency and density to gain you the highest search engine ranking possible. There are three essential questions to consider when choosing an SEO copywriter:

  1. Is the SEO copywriter a skilled web writer?
    A qualified SEO copywriter needs to be skilled at writing for the web, so they can provide engaging content that presents your company and product/services in their best light. Each type of SEO copywriting (landing pages, blog posts, online press releases, etc.) has its own requirements, so ask candidates for samples of all the writing types you are hiring them to perform. Check each sample for the following qualities:

    • Is the writing style interesting and engaging?
    • Is the writing clear, concise, and easy to understand?
    • Does the writing contain large blocks of text that are hard to scan online?
    • Is the information broken into easily scannable chunks using subheadings and bulleted lists?
    • Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes, or misused words?
    • Is each sample an effective example of that type of web writing?
  2. Is the SEO copywriter an expert at search engine optimization?
    Ask for references and active websites that feature the SEO copywriter’s work. Experienced SEO copywriters will be able to direct you to several websites that feature their copy and provide you with the keywords and phrases they incorporated. Check the pages’ performance on the given keywords on several search engines, performing searches using a mobile device as well as on a desktop. A skilled SEO copywriter should be able to achieve front page results for several of the keywords.
  3. Is the SEO copywriter conversant with current SEO copywriting best practices?
    With Google constantly updating and adjusting their search algorithms, the SEO strategies that worked well last week could plunge your page to the last page of search results this week. Choosing an SEO copywriter who stays up-to-date on search engine news and incorporates the latest intelligence on best SEO practices is the most reliable way to ensure your site achieves the highest ranking possible. To help you choose an SEO copywriter with the professionalism to do the job properly, we’ve provided this link to information on how the latest Google updates affect SEO copywriting; spend a few moments catching up then ask candidates how they are incorporating these changes into their copywriting endeavors.

Now that you know how to choose an SEO copywriter, it’s time to find the perfect candidate and settle the details of the hire. Put everything in writing to ensure you are both clear on what will be provided and when, and lay out your SEO copywriting requirements and terms very clearly: specify the required word count of each piece, the number of allowed revisions and the turn-around time for each, establish a writing schedule including when and how you will provide keywords and phrases, and agree on pricing.

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