Creating Great Copy for Your Website

Creating Great Copy for Your WebsiteWhat makes the top ranked websites so effective? It’s not just the use of great graphics and attractive themes that makes certain websites such useful promotional tools; while design is definitely important, what makes these websites truly effective is their great copy. Great web copy engages visitors, draws them in, and motivates them to perform desired actions, while generating a top ranking on search engines.  Writing website copy that accomplishes all those tasks can seem like an insurmountable task, but if you follow a few basic rules, you may discover that creating great copy for your website is easier than you imagined.

  1. Define your audience and what they are looking for
    To write copy that will engage your visitors, you first need to know who your audience is and what they are looking for. Imagine your target audience and build a complete picture of them –using demographics (age, income, education, etc.), information on their likes, dislikes, leisure activities, etc. – and determine what they are looking for and how you can meet their needs.
  2. Determine your unique selling proposition (USP)
    Figure out the unique feature, service, or product your company can offer that sets you apart. Once you figure your USP out, don’t directly promote this feature or your company; instead, look at it from your audience’s point of view and write copy that explains how that feature benefits your audience.
  3. Use an engaging tone and voice
    You already have a clear profile of your target audience; now speak directly to them to create your copy. Use the active voice in the second person, (i.e. “You will speed through your bookkeeping duties in half the time”) and adopt the tone that best fits your audience and your offering. For example, you would use a more relaxed, casual tone for a neighborhood diner’s website than you would for a website that promotes corporate financial services.
  4. Use an easy to read, internet-friendly format
    Learning how to write great web copy is different than writing a report or a brochure – your visitors are in a hurry, so you need to write clear and concise copy that will get your point across quickly. Web visitors tend to scan pages and skip over large blocks of text; by breaking up your web copy into more easily digested chunks, you make it easier for visitors to stay engaged and interested. Use subheadings to separate information and make it easier for readers to find the specific material they are looking for. Simple, bullet pointed lists will convey information effectively while creating white space that helps readers process your writing more easily.
  5. Optimize with keywords, phrases, and links
    There’s a reason this step comes near the end of the list: trying to write web copy around keywords and phrases tends to create awkward, stilted copy that isn’t going to convince visitors of anything. Instead, compose copy that conveys the desired information for your page, then go back and adjust it to incorporate your keywords and keyword phrases. Knowing how to apply expert SEO strategies is an essential part of creating great copy for your website; make sure you include contextual search phrases along with standard keywords, as well as links to keep visitors moving throughout your site.
  6. Edit for spelling, grammar, consistency, and readability
    There’s no place on a professional website for copy that contains typos, misspellings, and poor grammar usage. Edit your grammar and spelling carefully (don’t rely on spellcheck -it won’t catch all your errors!), then go back and check your copy to make sure it makes sense and is enjoyable to read.

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