Optimizing Landing Pages

Optimizing Landing PagesUsing landing pages that are not optimized to maximize visitor-to-lead conversions is like trying to box with a blindfold on: you may get a few lucky hits, but you’re going to miss most of your chances to score. Landing pages are the component of inbound marketing campaigns where you turn visitors into actionable business leads. Given that generating business leads is the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign, optimizing landing pages so they perform this job as well as possible is not just important, it’s absolutely essential. We’ve put together our top tips for optimizing landing pages; use them when designing your page and watch the leads roll in!

Keep visitors focused on the goal
The goal of landing pages is to get visitors to perform an action, usually filling out a lead generation form, so every element of your landing page needs to drive visitors to that goal. All essential elements should be included “above the fold,” on the section of screen that shows when the page opens:

  • Headline – A clear, concise, and keyword-focused headline is easy to read and will grab visitors’ interest.
  • Details – Provide a few important details about your service or product. This should be short and succinct; if it is too long or difficult to read, visitors will lose interest. A bulleted list of benefits is a good way to provide this information because it scans quickly, which aids conversion.
  • Visual Content – A short video, set to auto run when visitors land on the page, is a great way to inform visitors. If you don’t have a video, include an image or picture.
  • Call to Action – This is the most important element of the page, so make sure it is obvious and stands out from the page content.
  • Endorsements – Endorsements, testimonials, and third party verifications can help build trust and boost conversion rates.
  • Sharing – Make sure your page is readily sharable by including easy to use social sharing elements to help build buzz

Remove distractions and escape methods
In order to generate leads with landing pages, you need to keep visitors from leaving without performing your call to action. Eliminate anything that makes visitors distracted, bored, or allows them to leave the page a different way, and remove website navigation elements and hyperlinks to other pages. Get rid of all text and images that are not relevant to your offer and use white space for a clean look that focuses visitor attention on your call to action.

Apply SEO strategies to attract visitors
Employ expert SEO strategies to attract organic visitors to your landing page: include keywords in your title and descriptive text, a compelling meta description, alt tags on images, and scannable text to boost your ranking. *There is an important exception to this rule: if you have multiple landing pages with similar text, use robots.txt or a robots meta tag on all but one of the landing pages to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.

Provide a short, concise lead generation form
The key to creating effective lead generation forms is to keep them short, simple, and easy to fill out quickly. Remember, you just need to get initial contact information; you can obtain more in-depth information when you follow up with your visitors.

Offer a consistent experience
The best way to keep visitors engaged is to provide a consistent experience. Keep the visual design, headline, and core message of your landing page consistent with your ad copy for the best follow through. As an added bonus, when your landing page content closely matches the copy and title link of your AdWords campaign, Google gives you a higher Quality Score and lowers the cost of your PPC keywords!

Test and measure the results
Improve the effectiveness of your landing page using A/B testing and multivariate testing to find the best configuration of elements. Employ analytics to measure the conversion rate of your various campaigns and calculate the ROI of your efforts.

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