Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing TipsWith more than 284 million monthly users, Twitter has a marketing reach that your business cannot afford to ignore. This popular social media platform gives you a great way to engage with your customers, allowing you to share ideas and build your company brand with fun, fast-reading tweets. Don’t worry don’t if your writing skills are rusty or you’re pressed for time – with Twitter’s 140 character “microblogging” format, you can get your point across without the need for the in depth research or advanced writing skills that other online marketing strategies (such as your company’s blog) can require. Whether you’re new to tweeting or just looking for a way to supercharge your ongoing Twitter marketing campaign, these Twitter marketing tips will help you become a master of social media marketing strategies as you put them to use building your business.

  1. Use your tweets to share valuable content
    Remember the “social” part of your social media marketing strategies: if you want to attract followers, you need to provide content that readers are going to want to share and retweet to others. Avoid overly promotional messages and pay close attention to what your readers are sharing with their tweets; this will show you the kind of content they are looking for. Provide quality content in your own tweets and share and retweet relevant content from a variety of sources in your Twitter feed.
  2. Enact real-time marketing campaigns
    By now everyone has heard of the marketing triumph scored by Oreo when quick-thinking employees created their “dunk in the dark” tweet during the Super Bowl blackout of 2013. Successes on that scale are beyond rare – their graphic went viral with more than 10,000 retweets in the first hour – but keep an eye out for any real-time marketing opportunities that arise and use them to boost engagement rates among our followers.
  3. Include videos and images in your tweets
    You want to inspire your followers to share and retweet your tweets; that is how to use Twitter to build your brand and extend your marketing reach. Including videos and images in your tweets turns them into eye-catching marketing machines, boosting the number of shares and retweets by as much as 35%. Choose visual content that is relevant to your topic and adds to your message; you can include text in your images to increase your message’s impact even more.
  4. Add hashtags to increase engagement
    Hashtags are a way of organizing tweets that also helps to drive traffic to the particular topics. Using hashtags in your tweets is a good way to increase engagement, provided you do not overuse them – only use two or three per tweet and do not include hashtags in every tweet to avoid looking spammy.
  5. Use a social media management program to post tweets throughout the day
    For the greatest impact, you should post 6-8 tweets a day. Instead of interrupting your work to send the tweets, upload a whole days’ worth at once to a scheduling program that will post them at optimal times throughout the day.
  6. Track your Twitter marketing strategy
    Use analytical tools to track the success of your Twitter campaigns, and use the information to adjust your marketing strategies for the best results.

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