10 Most Popular Internet Marketing Strategies

10 Most Popular Internet Marketing StrategiesWith 89% of consumers turning to the Internet for information on their purchase decisions, it’s no wonder that businesses of all types are adopting internet marketing strategies. There are a plethora of marketing avenues open to businesses on the Internet, but trying to implement too many at once can leave a business overextended,  short on time, with a diluted marketing message. To help you deliver a concentrated, highly effective marketing campaign, we have identified the 10 most popular internet marketing strategies, along with tips to get you started.

  1. Establish your presence with a mobile-friendly website
    A mobile-friendly, responsive website design will be the focal point of your internet marketing strategies: it introduces your business to potential customers, establishes your brand online, and serves as the gateway for your online leads. Fill your site with interesting, useful content that is of value to your target customers, and link it to your other internet marketing strategies for the greatest impact.
  2. Maintain front-of-mind status with a riveting weekly blog
    There’s a very good reason blog writing has become so popular these days; an interesting, well-written weekly blog will attract new customers to your site, allow you to keep your website fresh and relevant without having to perform major overhauls, and helps raise your search engine ranking so more customers will see your site. You should plan on writing at least one  blog a week for the best
  3. Use targeted email newsletters to keep customers engaged
    Email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your current customers. For the best results, segment your email contacts according to interests, demographics, etc., then create several versions of your newsletter with information and offers designed to appeal to each group. Don’t send these targeted email newsletters out too frequently; most businesses find one newsletter a month to be most effective.
  4. Use social media to connect with customers
    Establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+; as the most widely used platforms, they provide the greatest opportunity to engage with customers and build your brand. Add other social media platforms that are relevant to your customers.
  5. Use visual postings to raise interest
    Take advantage of the highly visual nature of Internet marketing to present your business in beautiful, glowing color. Incorporate videos and photos in your social media postings to attract interest and increase the appeal of your posts.
  6. Apply SEO strategies to achieve a wide marketing reach
    In order for your website and social media marketing strategies to succeed, customers need to be able to see them. Applying search engine optimization (SEO), you can add in keywords and phrases that customers will search for; when correctly used, SEO strategies can help your site reach the coveted top three spots of Google search results.
  7. Use an internet marketing calendar to stay on schedule
    Consistency is the key to successfully implementing digital marketing strategies. Use an internet marketing calendar to ensure that your email newsletters, blogs, and social media postings remain on a consistent schedule that visitors can look forward to.
  8. Join online networking groups to form relationships
    Become an active member of online networking groups on Google+. Participate in discussions, answer questions to build your brand’s authority, and use Hangouts to video conference with others in your industry to create a network of contacts.
  9. Use paid search marketing to get noticed
    With more customers turning to the internet to search for products, businesses and services every day, paid marketing is becoming an increasingly prevalent internet marketing strategy. Google AdWords allows you to set your spending limit; be sure to buy ads on desktop and mobile search for the greatest marketing reach.
  10. Manage your reputation to raise customer confidence
    Customers put a lot of stock in online reviews and recommendations. Claim your company’s listings on Google Reviews, Yelp!, etc. so customers have the correct information, then respond to customer complaints and praises quickly to establish your business as the customer care experts.

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