SEO Basics Every PR Executive Should Know

SEO Basics Every PR Executive Should KnowAs more and more of our daily activities and interactions occur online, PR firms are abandoning the notion of separate online and offline marketing channels in favor of integrated marketing solutions that embrace both. While television, newspapers, and various forms of printed media are still viable tools of public relations professionals, they are no longer the primary sources of information and entertainment for consumers in this country. Consumers now turn to online searches and internet news resources when they seek information, and rely on blogs, social media posts and streaming content when forming opinions about corporations, brands, and products. The most successful PR campaigns combine traditional channels of promotion with online marketing methods to create coordinated campaigns that effectively shape public perceptions using a variety of media. Now that traditional and online marketing methods are merging, there are certain SEO basics every PR executive should know so they can effectively oversee these multi-faceted marketing campaigns. 

  1. Follow SEO rules
    Stacking your website and content with keywords will not raise your company’s profile; Google will actually punish obvious lead-seeking behavior by lowering your website’s position in search results. Search engines reward natural sounding content that has just a few keywords sprinkled throughout; keep this in mind when creating webpages, social media posts, blogs, and articles. Include one or two keywords in your page and picture titles, and be sure to use keywords in picture ALT tags and meta descriptions on webpages and blogs.

  2. Build quality links
    Search engines look for the most helpful and interesting websites to display in response to search queries; when you have many reputable sites linking to your site, Google sees that as evidence of your site’s relevance. Obtaining thousands of paid link-backs from sites in India or China will gain you nothing, as Google is wise to these attempts to “game” search results. A combination of PR efforts and your clients’ blogging skills will pay off here; build your client’s relationship with influencers, have the client publish a well-written blog to establish portfolio of quality writing, then republish material and obtain guest blogging spots with prominent sites like Huffington Post. Make certain your client’s published material always includes an author profile that links back to their website. 

  3. Understand what works with social media
    Social media can be a valuable tool for your PR firm, provided you are careful to avoid overtly promotional content. Instead of using social media to directly promote a company, approach it as a communication channel and reputation management tool that allows you to build brand loyalty by connecting with customers and delivering exceptional customer service. After a little learning time and adjustment period, you will discover that your PR skills readily translate to brand building through social media with only minor adjustments in focus.

  4. Take advantage of Google’s free Webmaster Tools & Analytics
    Google provides a number of free tools that make bridging the gap between PR and SEO Google’s Keyword Planner will help you create a bank of popular keywords (be sure to include popular PR terms); Webmaster Tools helps you measure the success of your PR efforts by showing you if the number of searches goes up after your PR campaigns; and Google Analytics shows a variety of metrics such as Bounce Rate that will help you determine the popularity of your client’s materials, branding, and messages so you can ascertain the success of individual PR campaigns.

Once you master these basics, you will quickly discover that integrating public relations with SEO strategies is surprisingly easy; because whether you work online or offline, the aim of public relations remains the same: shaping consumers’ perceptions and building your clients’ brands.

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