Digital Marketing and PR Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing and PR Concepts for EntrepreneursWith almost 90 percent of consumers relying on internet searches to inform their purchasing decisions, entrepreneurs cannot afford to neglect the PR opportunities offered by digital marketing. And yet many of today’s startup entrepreneurs are finding themselves struggling to market their businesses through digital channels. While these budding tycoons may be skilled at business development, their unfamiliarity with digital PR strategies can seriously hamper their ability to build a strong, competitive business. If you find yourself in similar straits, realize that combining digital marketing and public relations is not as difficult as it may seem. We’ve identified three digital marketing and PR concepts every entrepreneur should understand; once you’ve mastered this information, you’ll be on your way to becoming a competitive business dominating your niche market.

  1. Web Search is the key to successful digital PR strategies
    You probably have a basic understanding of how web search works, but you may not realize just how critical it will be to the success of your digital marketing and PR strategies. The vast majority of consumers now research companies, products, and services online; since 75% of searchers don’t look past the first page of search results, your website’s search ranking is a critical consideration. There are many factors that affect your website’s placement in search results; to consistently gain a high search ranking, you need to implement comprehensive search marketing strategies that encompass them all:

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Keyword analysis and placement, with images, video, and content optimized with high ranking keywords and long-tail phrases
    2. Strategic Link Building, with naturally grown links to sites with industry authority
    3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), with paid listings and ads for desktop and mobile search
    4. Strong Online Presence, with your social media profiles, a well-written blog, targeted email campaigns, guest blog posts, etc., all building your brand while driving traffic to your site
  2. Social marketing success requires patience and an investment in high-quality content and ads
    Entrepreneurs who are new to brand building through social media often have unrealistic expectations, laboring under the misconception that they can immediately generate viral posts that take the world by storm. Many believe they can quickly and inexpensively gain a large following for their company using promotional posts and recycled content. Today’s consumers have sophisticated tastes; they are looking for original, relevant posts with photos, videos, and written content that engages their interest. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to make the necessary outlay required to generate this high-quality content: either by investing the time and effort it takes to perform in-depth research and develop considerable writing skills, or by hiring an internet marketing firm with skilled social media content providers. Tone down your expectations of instantly gaining wide notice for your Facebook and Twitter posts; be prepared to invest in Twitter Ads and Facebook Sponsored Stories and Ads in order to gain priority placement of your posts.
  3. Digital PR campaigns require a delicate touch
    Traditional press releases and overly promotional material will win you no fans in the online community; to enact a successful digital PR campaign you need to take a very different approach. Instead of delivering heavy-handed PR messages, write blog posts that provide valuable content to your customers. Instead of using social media to post promotional announcements about your company news, build your brand by connecting with customers and engaging in a dialogue through social media. It may take some time to adjust your thinking and adapt your current PR strategies to the different rules that govern digital marketing, but the eventual gains you will make are definitely worth the extra effort.

Now that you have a better understanding of these core digital marketing and PR concepts, it’s time to start employing digital PR strategies to build your business. The dedicated team at Blue Interactive Agency can provide you with professional content creation services, expert SEO strategies, and more to help you enact successful digital public relations campaigns that combine traditional PR with content marketing, social media, and search marketing.

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