4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Responsive Website Now

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Responsive Website NowYour non-mobile friendly website is hurting your business.

We get it. Really we do. There are a lot of reasons why you may be reluctant to replace your current website with a mobile responsive one. Maybe updating your website sounds like it will be more hassle than its worth…. after all, you’ve already made the investment of time and effort in your current  website, and it’s  worked well for you so far.  Maybe the thought of coming up with copy for your website makes you cringe. Perhaps convincing your company to get on board with the update will be a  chore.  Whatever your reasons are for not wanting to upgrade your website for mobile, the changing digital landscape is rapidly rendering them moot. There are pressing reasons your business needs a mobile responsive website now – we’ve listed the top 4 below so you can stack them up against your concerns and see how they measure up.

  1. The majority of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices
    Mobile devices are now the primary way that consumers access the Internet, according to a report by comScore. If your website is not designed for mobile, users that access your site through their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device can face usability bugs that will have them fleeing your site in frustration. These usability difficulties range from annoying glitches to major navigation problems that can prevent users from even being able to access many of your web pages.
  2. Non-mobile friendly sites can cost you sales
    Customers that used to research businesses and products on their desktops have progressed to performing searches on the go from their smartphones and tablets. Now that users are accustomed to accessing the information they want instantly, they are not going delay purchasing decisions until they can get home and view your site on their desktop. Instead,  they will move onto another company who provides a mobile-friendly website they can readily peruse. By failing to give customers access to your company’s information while they are in the purchasing moment, your website  can cost you considerable money through lost sales.
  3. Google’s new mobile-friendly update will lower search rankings for non-mobile sites
    As we explained in a recent blog post, Google is adding “mobile-friendliness” to its list of search ranking signals on April 21. This means that any website that is not optimized for mobile is going to be penalized with a low ranking on mobile searches. Around half of Google’s search traffic now comes from mobile devices, according to a ClickZ report on SimilarWeb’s data. Can you afford to have your website disappear from the search results of half of the consumers in the country?
  4. Mobile responsive websites work with any device, any screen, all the time
    Mobile responsive websites automatically adjust all of their key elements, such as fonts, picture sizes, navigation buttons, etc. so they perform flawlessly on any Internet-capable device, no matter what sized screen it has. The type of device doesn’t make a difference – whether users access your website using a smartphone, tablet, game console or other mobile device, they will see the same easy to view and access site. And you don’t have to worry about updating your site when a new type of device appears – mobile responsive websites are device-agnostic and will accommodate new screened devices as they are developed.

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