Choosing the Right Monthly SEO Contract

Choosing the Right Monthly SEO Contract Choosing the Right Monthly SEO ContractHow to get the SEO services you need while protecting your company’s interests.

As we covered in an earlier blog, a monthly SEO action plan is an essential part of keeping your company in a prominent place in search results. Since you already have a full time job managing your company, you will probably want to have a digital agency perform these ongoing monthly SEO chores for you. Once you begin interviewing SEO service providers, you may find that many of the digital agencies that claim they provide affordable SEO services that are certain to raise your search engine ranking are reluctant to provide you with any of the specific costs or terms of their monthly SEO plans. Before you hire any agency to provide SEO services, it is important to see the actual terms of their monthly SEO contract and make sure you understand all its provisions. Since choosing the right monthly SEO contract for your company is much easier when you have a clear idea of the terms and conditions involved, we have identified the 4 key provisions every monthly SEO contract should include:

  • Communication Schedule – Your monthly SEO contract should include a set communication schedule, along with a specified response time for any unforeseen issues that may arise. The right communication schedule will be dictated by your individual preferences: Do you prefer to judge your SEO service provider’s performance through reports and established metrics? Then your SEO contract should specify a bi-weekly email that includes Google Analytics results and reports of your website’s keyword performance. If you prefer a “hands-on” approach and would like to discuss results with your SEO agency, add a weekly telephonic briefing to your communication schedule.  

A provision should be included that addresses the digital agency’s response time when unexpected issues and concerns arise with your website. Top tier SEO providers will pledge to respond to your concerns within 3 hours or less, and generally commit resolve issues the same day that they arise.

  • Pricing Model & Services Provided – The right monthly SEO contract will include clearly defined pricing models for the services the digital agency will provide. Typically, a monthly SEO contract will have a set price that encompasses a variety of specific SEO services including:
    • Website Optimization
    • Keyword Research & Analysis
    • Strategic Link Analysis
    • Strategic Link Building
    • Competitor SEO Analysis

Any additional add-on services that the digital agency offers to enhance the success of your SEO strategies, such as blogging tutorials, SEO content creation services, and other interactive marketing strategies, should be listed separately along with their extra cost. These add-on services include any one-time projects that are outside the scope of your contracted services.


  • Length of Contract and Right of Termination – Many digital agencies insist their clients sign up for an entire year of SEO services. These SEO contracts typically include large financial penalties for clients who want to terminate their contract before the year is up. You should be wary of these locked down contracts; many unhappy clients are stuck paying thousands of dollars to a digital agency that is not getting them the results they expected. The best solution is an SEO contract that renews on a monthly basis; when either party can terminate the working agreement with 30 days’ notice, your digital agency will need to constantly proving their worth.
  • Ownership of Data – Before you sign a monthly SEO contract, make sure it establishes your company’s ownership of all data related to your website. Your contract should specify that you have complete access to all SEO data from your websites, and your website’s Google Analytics and AdWords accounts should be registered under your company’s name.

At Blue Interactive Agency, we believe our clients deserve to be fully informed. Our staff will gladly take you through every term and provision of our monthly SEO contract so you are familiar with the exact services you will receive. We offer a comprehensive list of affordable SEO services for your business, from initial website SEO design to SEO content creation services, link building strategies, and more.

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