Best Small Business Monthly Marketing Strategies

Best Small Business Monthly Marketing StrategiesBlue Interactive Agency shares monthly marketing options for effective promotion of your business that require low client maintenance.

At Blue Interactive Agency, we formulate the most advantageous strategy to make your business stand out from its competition. Marketing your small business should include embracing new technology to increase your online visibility. Here are some web branding strategies that every small business owner should consider utilizing:

  • Create a monthly e-newsletter or email marketing campaign. Offering an informative e-newsletter with valuable content is a popular monthly marketing option that is known to yield remarkable results.  E-News provides an opportunity to position your business as an expert in its field, provide compelling and relevant information, and offer exclusive deals. This marketing strategy serves as a positive relationship builder between you and your clients.Blue Interactive Agency takes email marketing to an advanced level, offering responsive design for your email marketing campaigns. Responsive design provides a superior online viewing experience for your subscribers, as the email communication they receive from you will automatically adjust to fit whatever type of screen it’s being viewed on, whether it is a mobile device, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.  This is essential, as over half of your subscribers will most likely be viewing your e-newsletter on their mobile device, and it is vital that they are able do so with ease, or they will lose interest quickly.Blue Interactive also utilizes segmentation as an essential component in this effective marketing strategy. Segmentation is a method that uses data collected from reliable sources to break down a broad target market into to smaller, distinguished markets of consumers that have similar interests, preferences, and buying behaviors that are relative to your business. Once we have narrowed down your target market, we work to differentiate your business’s potential customers even further, which is referred to as personalization. Through data collection and analysis, we are able to customize product offers and services that are an exact match to what your potential customers are looking for. The email marketing campaign or e-newsletter is the method of communication then used to interact with your potential customers, to offer them a personalized product or service that is precisely centered on what they want or need.
  • Remarketing. This technique allows you to get back in touch with potential customers who visited your website, but left before making a purchase. Remarketing is the practice of showing these visitors online ads while they continue to browse the web or conduct follow up searches after leaving your site, in hopes of recapturing their interest. Blue Interactive expertly utilizes remarketing strategies in different capacities to drive customers back to your site while they are still actively searching online.
  • Geofencing. This innovative tool uses GPS to define specific geographical parameters. A geofence is like a virtual fence around a particular business. This is useful in marketing, as it can be used by business to trigger text messages to customers who have opted-in whenever they enter a defined geographical boundary, or a geofenced location. When a customer enters this area, they may receive an alert on their mobile device with a coupon or special offer as an incentive to stop by the store or business that is located near by before leaving the area.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Blue Interactive specializes in every area of SEO. This process offers a host of tools that are geared toward improving your website’s visibility and ranking online in a search engine’s results, along with improving the quantity and quality of potential customers visiting your site through natural search methods, using particular keywords. To accomplish these goals, certain strategies are implemented, such as keyword research and analysis, which is used to identify effective keywords, link building strategies that assist in improving search engine rankings, experimentation through Google’s website optimizer, which allow us to test the performance of your website, using content variations and different versions of your webpage to determine what is most effective, in addition to search engine ranking reports that enable us to see how both you and your competition are faring,  along with content generation services, and more.

Blue Interactive Agency is the go to authority when looking for smart ways to market your l business creatively and effectively. We provide clients with powerful marketing strategies that have proven success and are results driven.

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