Benefits of Having a Mobile App

Benefits of Having a Mobile AppWhat could a mobile app do for your business?

Mobile app usage has increased dramatically in recent years, growing to become an integral part of consumers’ lives. Branded mobile apps are not just for big, multinational companies; a recent report from Flurry Analytics showed that businesses of all sizes and kinds are getting in the app game. So many businesses are seeing success with their mobile apps, in fact, that it has spurred triple-digit growth in three categories: lifestyle/shopping, utilities/productivity, and messaging/social. Whatever type of business you own, developing your own mobile app could bring a number of advantages that will help your company to pull ahead of the competition. The wide range of benefits of having a mobile app includes: 

Superior Customer Service
Providing customers with superior service is one of the top ways companies can use mobile apps to grow customer loyalty. With your branded mobile app, you can provide your customers with a fast, easy way to contact you at any time, from anywhere with their issues or concerns. You can build in a whole range of self-service options and tools that will make your customers’ lives easier. The possibilities are virtually endless; you can offer check in/check out service, booking engines for reservations, order tracking, chat services, and more.

Increased Customer Engagement
With the right set of options and functionalities, your company’s mobile app can become an integral part of your customers’ daily life. There are a variety of ways your business app can help increase engagement with your customers while building brand loyalty, such as:

  • Provide customers with useful features such as shopping lists, recipes, and organizing tools
  • Incentivize shoppers with special deals and promotions
  • Include social sharing options
  • Use push notifications (updates that users receive on their mobile devices to inform them that something new is occurring within your app) to encourage users to check in throughout the day

Direct Marketing Channel
One of the greatest benefits that business apps provide is a direct marketing channel to your customers. Consumers today are bombarded with so much advertising that your emails, Facebook ads, and other marketing messages can get lost in the crowd as you compete with other companies to capture your customers’ attention. Using push notifications, you can encourage customers’ engagement with your app – where the only marketing message they hear will be your own.

Additional Revenue Source
In addition to helping you strengthen customer loyalty, any app you develop can provide a number of ways for you to increase your business revenue.  It’s not hard to figure out how to make money with your mobile app; the hard part is choosing which way you will use!

  • Increased Sales: If your company sells products or services online, a mobile app will provide your customers with a direct ordering pipeline. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to open your app and quickly order, without having to wade through pages and bookmarks to reach your site through their mobile browser. You gain the benefit of increased sales, with the security of knowing your customers will not be “hijacked” when they encounter another company’s ads on the way to your site, as can happen whenever customers reach you through a browser.
  • In-app Purchases: Depending on the type of app your business decides to develop, there are a number of ways you can monetize your offering. You can sell additional content or virtual goods, provide users with extra functionalities, or remove advertisements to provide users with a premium experience.

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