Blogging vs. PPC: Which should you spend your marketing money on?

Blogging vs. PPC:  Which should you spend your marketing money on?Find out which marketing method is right for your business

There’s a lot of discussion these days about where businesses should spend their online marketing money: on content marketing like blogging, or on paid marketing like PPC (pay-per-click) ads? In a perfect world, you could fully invest in both blogging and PPC marketing strategies; after all, blogging and PPC can complement each other and they can be used jointly to create fabulously effective marketing campaigns. In reality, however, businesses have limited resources and a finite amount of time to invest in online marketing strategies. If your business struggling to decide the question of blogging vs. PPC: which should you spend your marketing money on, we have some information that may help. As the interactive marketing agency and PPC company South Florida businesses rely on for expert marketing advice, Blue Interactive Agency is experienced at identifying the most effective marketing strategy to achieve a specific marketing goal. We’ve put together the following guidelines to explain whether blogging or PPC is the winner in different marketing situations; apply the info to your situation and you should be able to determine the best place to spend your marketing money.

When does Blogging win over PPC?

  • When you want to implement a long-term, ongoing marketing strategy
    Blogging is the ultimate long-term lead generation strategy, because a blog will keep marketing for you forever. Once you publish a blog online, it remains as part of the web to lead traffic to your website for years to come. Add in social media shares, re-posting, and repurposing of your blog, and your blog can gain an amazingly large marketing reach. By contrast, once you stop paying for PPC, your lead generation ceases instantly and completely.
  • When you are in a highly saturated market with costly keywords
    The cost per click of PPC is determined by the popularity of the keywords. When you are bidding on keywords in a competitive or highly saturated market, the price of clicks can become quite expensive. Since you only generate one lead per click, achieving a significant number of leads may rapidly escalate out of your financial reach. By contrast, for a low one-time investment in content creation services, you can get an interesting and informative blog that you can use to generate a virtually endless number of leads by featuring it on your website, sharing it through your social marketing strategies, including it as part of your email newsletters, etc.
  • When you are offering a brand new, unusual, or one-of-a-kind product or service
    PPC marketing only works when people are searching for your keywords. If you are introducing a new product or a service for which you have coined a new term, no one will find your PPC ads. Writing a blog post about your new discovery or invention allows you to insert familiar keywords and search terms so you can lead your audience to discover your wonderful new innovation.

When does PPC win over Blogging?

  • When you need a fast return on your marketing effort
    With PPC marketing, you get an almost instant surge in leads. If you need to meet a sales deadline or rapidly grow your market share, PPC can be the best way to achieve the results you need. PPC campaigns are in full swing the very same day you start your campaign, generating leads almost as soon as they are enacted. Blogging requires a longer lead time; once you post your blog, you have to wait for search engines to crawl it before the post will even show up in searches.
  • When you have a time-sensitive offer
    If you sell seasonal services or goods, long-term marketing strategies like blogging are not going to work well. You need marketing that will reach customers right now, and you don’t need outdated offers to linger and weaken your brand image in the future. PPC is the perfect marketing method for your business: your PPC campaign will reach customers almost instantly, and you can stop your PPC campaign as soon as your time deadline is reached.
  • When you want marketing flexibility
    Because PPC campaigns can start and stop almost immediately, you have the freedom to try different marketing approaches. You don’t have to worry about losing traction with a key demographic or reducing your marketing share because you have invested weeks in a strategy that doesn’t pan out. PPC campaigns are also eminently affordable; since you only pay for clicks and can stop at any time, you don’t have to make a major financial investment in order to find out if a certain marketing strategy will be effective.

There are many factors to consider when deciding where to spend your marketing money. Whether you decide to invest blogging, PPC, or other online marketing strategies, Blue Interactive Agency is here to help. We are a comprehensive marketing agency, providing full marketing support services from PPC monitoring to the expert WordPress blog creation South Florida businesses can count on to engage their customers. Let Blue Interactive Agency create a complete marketing solution that will help you to meet all of your marketing goals.

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