How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your BusinessGain priceless insights into the best way to market to your customers

As a well-informed marketer, you know just how valuable buyer personas can be to your business. Buyer personas, also known as marketing personas, are fictionalized characters that marketers create to represent their target audience so they can improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Using buyer personas can help you gain insight into your customers’ needs, which will allow you to fine-tune your marketing messages so they do a better job of convincing and motivating your clients. Recognizing the importance of buyer personas is just half the battle, however; the next step is developing buyer personas that accurately represent your customers and their needs. Fully fleshed buyer personas are complex creations, possessing a full set of customer characteristics.  If you don’t already know how to create buyer personas for your business, the following guide will help you get started.        

Choose a name and picture for your buyer persona
Assigning a specific name and picture to your buyer persona will help to focus your efforts so you create a specific marketing persona rather than a generalized representation of your customers’ aggregate buying needs. Let’s call our persona CEO Celia.

Create some initial notes defining the buyer persona
Jot down some notes that begin to bring your persona to life. Try answering these questions:

  • What are the goals this person wants to achieve?
    What personal and professional goals is she working towards?
  • What roles does this person play in her public and private life?
    Is she an engineer, attorney, or electrician? Does she coach her son’s soccer team or is she an avid photographer?
  • What are the difficulties must this person overcome to meet her goals?
    Is lack of time or resources an issue? Is this person lacking a skill set she needs to accomplish her goals?
  • How would this person describe herself?
    Manage to capture in one sentence this person’s identity and you can easily place their marketing segment. For instance, CEO Celia is “a single business owner managing the entire operation”.

Add demographics to your buyer persona
Now you need to create a complete demographic profile to turn your buyer persona into a recognizable individual. Include a full set of distinguishing details:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family status
  • Education
  • Income
  • Residence
  • Location

Devise a backstory
Time to tell the story of your buyer persona. Where does she spend her free time and whom does she spend it with? What did she overcome to reach her present position? Does she have an overwhelming passion for cooking and fine wines, or is she a fitness fanatic? Where does she go to get her information and how does she access it? Remember to be specific instead of generalizing; the more details you add, the more your buyer persona will come to life.

Repeat to create several buyer personas
Just as your business has more than one customer, you should create more than one buyer persona for your marketing department to work with.

Make sure your buyer personas are consistent with your real life customers
While buyer personas are fictionalized characters, they need to be based on the characteristics of your actual customers in order to be effective. If you’re wondering how to create marketing personas that reflect your actual customers, the answer is simple: incorporate information from your existing customer base. There are a number of ways you can obtain Information about your marketing base:

  • Employ customer surveys – Engage your customers while finding out key marketing information. Ask customers to specify which of the personas self-descriptions they identify with to determine the relative sizes of your marketing segments
  • Work with a good online marketing analytics program – The amount of information you can glean from analyzing the data from your online marketing strategies (your website, social marketing strategies, etc.) may surprise you; you already have vast amounts of information about your customers’ profiles at your fingertips, ready to tap into.
  • Examine your segmented email marketing strategies – Your segmented email marketing lists identify several of your marketing segments, their demographics, and sometimes even hog; apply that information when creating your marketing personas

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