How to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

How to Improve Your Facebook's Organic ReachPut these proactive tips to work building your Facebook page’s organic reach

Organically reaching users through Facebook has gotten harder, but these tips will give you an edge. There’s no denying that there has been a decrease recently in the organic reach of brands trying to connect with their customers on Facebook.  Whatever the reason for the decrease – the latest changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, Facebook’s desire to convert businesses to paying customers purchasing Facebook Ads, or just the overwhelming amount of content passing through Facebook’s portal – companies need to find ways to get their Facebook updates seen by more customers. Blue Interactive Agency, the social media agency South Florida businesses turn to when they need marketing advice, has collected some posting tips that will help you improve the organic reach of your Facebook page.

Understand how Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm works
The first step to improving your Facebook page’s organic reach is understanding how the social site’s newsfeed algorithm decides which items it will feature. Facebook’s news feed algorithm takes an amazingly large number of factors into account when determining which posts it will feature  – as many as 100,000, according to some experts. Facebook keeps its exact algorithm secret, of course, but there are a few elements of its decision-making process that are known. Some of the elements that Facebook considers when choosing the items to feature in a user’s newsfeed include:

  • Which types of posts receive the most interaction from the user? The more often a user interacts with your type of post, the more likely Facebook will feature your contribution.
  • Which posts does the user report as spam or hide? Have other viewers complained about your post or have they liked and shared your post? The way your post has been received by others will affect the likelihood of its appearing in a user’s news feed.
  • How much does the user interact with your page? If your company’s page is one of the user’s favorites, your post will likely appear in his or her newsfeed.

Schedule your Facebook posts during non-peak posting times
Facebook has such a high volume of traffic flowing through it every day that many experts are recommending that companies post their content during non-peak times. The theory is that with less content to compete against, your post has a better chance of appearing in users’ news feed. Go to your Facebook analytics dashboard (located under the Pages tab) to discover your fans’ peak times to find your best time to post.

Develop a Facebook video marketing strategy
A recent study by Socialbakers discovered that Facebook has surpassed YouTube as the number one site for brands to share their videos.  And Facebook users are engaging with these videos – Facebook videos now receive more than 80% of all video interactions. Many businesses are finding that Facebook social marketing strategies that include high quality video content are helping them to gain clicks, which raises their company’s organic reach. It seems that native Facebook videos are getting slightly more views than other types of video posts, so you should use this method to disseminate your videos for the widest marketing reach.

For more tips on how to improve your company’s presence on Facebook and other social marketing platforms, turn to Blue Interactive Agency. As a leading South Florida social media company, we have helped hundreds of companies grow their business and establish a strong brand identity using a full roster of corporate social media marketing strategies.

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