How to Promote Your Blog Post

How to Promote Your Blog PostGain readers and drive traffic to your blog

Writing engaging, SEO-friendly blogs is only the half the job – do you know how to promote your blog post to attract interested readers? As a dedicated WordPress website company, we at Blue Interactive Agency consider it part of our marketing mission to help you make the most of your WordPress website and blog.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve given you several tools to sharpen your blog-writing skills – examined the best SEO practices for WordPress, explained how to write SEO-friendly blogs , and even taken you step-by-step through posting your blogs in WordPress. Once you’ve worked your way through all the steps and seen your blog go live, it can be tempting to sit back and relax. But followers don’t magically appear once you push ’Publish’; you need to go out and promote your blog if you want gain an engaged readership.  There are many avenues you can use to promote your blog online; we’ve found the following ones to be the most effective:

Using Links to Track your Traffic
Before you begin promote your blog, go to links to create a short URL. These links are much easier and less confusing for users to click on, but their real value lies in their tracking features.  They allow you to easily track the success of your blog promotion efforts: you can see how many clicks each of your Bitly links has received, as well as how much attention each of your blog posts are receiving through links and updates shared on the various social media platforms.

Posting on Social Media
Social media is the ideal way to promote your blog. You can gain significant exposure for your posts when you share them with your followers on all your social media pages, provided you craft your promotions to fit each platform’s format. You should include a link to your blog on your social profiles. Make sure you apply SEO and mobile-optimize your social media posts and include images or video to increase engagement. Remember to mix posts about your blog in among other content to avoid seeming overly promotional, and consider working with a social media dashboard like Hootsuite – it can be an enormous help in managing your posting schedule so you can achieve maximize exposure for your blog. A suggested blog promotion schedule on social media should include the big four at a minimum, plus other social sites where you have an energized group of followers:

  • Facebook – Post short, engaging clips from your blog on your Facebook page with an appropriate image or video
  • Twitter – Schedule tweets optimized for mobile, and use appropriate hashtags to up engagement
  • LinkedIn – Share on your profile and in your groups
  • Google+ – Share your entire blog with your Circles and Communities; be sure to hit “public” when posting for the widest reach

Paying for Promoted Posts on Social Media
While achieving organic (unpaid) reach for your social media posts gets harder all the time, you can gain a great deal of exposure through paid ads on Facebook and Twitter . These Promoted Posts are an exceptionally affordable way to reach a wider audience for your blogs, and are a great way to increase engagement. There are a number of specific bidding and budgeting options from which to choose with paid Promoted Posts, so you can spend more when you have a particularly good blog to share. As an added bonus, social media sites provide analytic tools that allow you to track your promoted content and compare the effectiveness and ROI of each promotion.

Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites: StumbleUpon, reddit, Digg, feedly, etc.
Social bookmarking sites are a wonderful, free way to promote your blog and engage with new contacts. These sites have millions of followers interested in reading about virtually every subject; choose social news sites with topics/categories that closely match your blog’s subject, with a look and feel that suits your blogging style. For the best results,

  • Use interesting, keyword-rich titles
  • Pithy, clear description that explains exactly what your blog is about
  • Assign a few tags that are very specific to your blog’s content

Sending Emails with Links
Promoting your blogs through email newsletters will help to focus the attention of your current customers on each of your posts. Pay attention to your segmented contact lists, and send out targeted newsletters that contain excerpts from your blogs that pertain to their interests. Always include a link to your blog in your email signature for the widest reach.

Featuring a Blog Preview
Generate advance interest for your blog posts with short previews of your upcoming posts. You don’t have to make it long; a single paragraph is enough to tantalize and have your followers looking forward to your posts. Send the preview out two or three days early at the most to keep interest high.

Now that you know how to drive traffic to your blog posts, it’s time to start promoting! It will take a while to build up a following for your blog; if you are looking for easier results, talk to the marketing team at Blue Interactive Agency. We’re the content marketing agency Fort Lauderdale businesses rely on to build their brand; we have helped hundreds of companies increase customer engagement with a full range of content marketing services that includes social marketing strategies, SEO content creation services, and expert promotion of blogs and websites.

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