Why You Should Create Buyer Personas for Your Business

Why You Should Create Buyer Personas for Your BusinessTake the guesswork out of your marketing strategy      

At the end of the day, the success of your company depends on how well you know your customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company; when you have an in-depth understanding of the customers you are selling to, you are better able to meet their needs. We’re not talking about knowing your buyers in a general sense, as in “we sell to senior citizens,” but rather an in-depth understanding of their motivations and behavior: when you are aware of what your clients desire, what they need, and what problems they face, you are better able to deliver the solutions they need. That’s why you should create buyer personas for your business – when you have an accurate buyer persona in place, you can communicate with your customers more effectively, meet their needs much more accurately, and market to them more precisely than ever before.

What is a buyer/marketing persona?
A buyer or marketing persona is a fictionalized character of the ideal customer your company is trying to attract. It is important to note that while you are creating this persona, you cannot arbitrarily assign it characteristics that you wish or imagine your key buyers have. Instead, your buyer persona should be an extremely detailed representation of your target customer base, complete with a full backstory distilled by researching your actual flesh and blood customers, so that you can understand exactly what your customers need and the best way to market to them.  Depending on the products/services you offer, it may be helpful to make several buyer personas, each representing one of your key demographics.

Buyer Personas lead to better marketing
When you have an established buyer persona, marketing becomes much easier. Instead of trying to devise a generalized marketing message, you are able to figure out what it will take to convince a specific target. You have definite concerns and objections to overcome, which naturally shapes your marketing message. You end up with a personalized campaign that has that one-on-one marketing message feel that convinces buyers on a deeper level than general messages can ever convey.

Buyer Personas help you clarify your marketing message
Marketing and sales can sometimes end up with conflicting messages because they approach buyers differently; with Marketing concentrating on engagement and leads, and Sales intent on sealing the deal, you can end up with a confused marketing message that lacks focus.  Once you create a buyer persona, marketing and sales have a clear vision (the same vision) of your customers’ needs and goals so they can present a unified marketing message.

Buyer Personas can improve your business
Although it takes a considerable amount of time and research to create accurate buyer personas, it is well worth the initial investment it takes to create them. Buyer personas offer a number of valuable benefits that can make a significant difference to your bottom line: through the use of buyer personas, you can gain valuable insight into your customers’ concerns. This added intelligence will help you recognize what improvements and adjustments you need to make your company more responsive to customer needs.

While knowing how to create buyer personas is a start, the process of analyzing your customers, assessing their needs, and turning the information into buyer personas is an involved one. At Blue Interactive Agency, the content marketing agency Fort Lauderdale businesses count on for indepth marketing intelligence, we are experienced at creating fully fleshed buyer personas.  Using Hubspot’s established buyer persona creation process, we will create detailed buyer personas for your business,  then work with you to refine your inbound marketing strategies and improve your marketing performance.

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